Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System

Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation And Dispensing System

Fresh to the Last Drop: Boxxle Preserves Your Boxed Wine

When it comes to wine, we all have our preferences. I'm a white wine drinker. I love a nice chilled glass of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. We were thrilled to partner with Boxxle to share this sleek stainless countertop premium boxed wine dispenser. One 3-liter box of wine provides about 20 glasses and is equal to 4 BOTTLES OF WINE. That's right… That means less glass, plastic, cork and other things going to a landfill when you use your countertop wine dispenser. We hope that you find this Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System post valuable. 
Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System


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Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System


Simple and Convenient: Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System


What is Boxxle?

Boxxle is a Premium Bag-in-Box Wine Dispenser or a 3-Liter Premium Cask Wine Dispenser. It lets you create your own wine-on-tap system at home that keeps wine fresh longer and dispenses wine-by-the-glass without waste. Boxxle, made to last with high quality stainless steel and solid injection molded parts, is designed to complement any kitchen as a beautiful appliance. It allows you to serve Earth friendly, bag-in-box wine with style and ease.

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Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System



Though there are numerous benefits to “Boxed Wine”, Boxxle found a couple drawbacks and so this design was born to solve them. Boxxle uses pressure to raise the liquid, rather than relying solely on gravity, thus allowing the spigot to be raised above your glass. This pressure also squeezes out those last few glasses for you. 

Boxxle makes it so simple to enjoy a chilled glass of boxed wine. While I usually drink white wine, I usually just want a glass or two and not the bottle. This is why I switched to boxed wine.


Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation Boxxle Boxed Wine



In fact, with half the carbon footprint and 85% less landfill waste, Boxxle packs incredible environmental benefits and YOU only pay for the wine you drink, not the bottle. That just makes my wine taste even better plus it stays fresh in the Boxxle for up to 6 weeks (but let's be real – my wine has never been in there for 6 weeks ).

Boxxle and I want you to drink wine that's better for the environment and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. It looks great on your counter, it's portable for tailgating and can be used pretty much anywhere.



Boxxle Boxed Wine

Boxed Wine Preservation



How to use Boxxle

Because the wine is gravity fed, you must bring the box to the edge of a table or counter to fill your glass. Secondly, when you get down to your last couple of glasses, you must open the cardboard box and squeeze out the last of the wine. Finally, even with all the nice printing and design work, it is still a cardboard box sitting on your kitchen counter or dining room table.


California Wine Club


Boxxle Boxed Wine


Have you been to the wine aisle lately?

Have you been to the wine aisle lately? The boxed wine choices are plenty and many of them are highly rated (Looking at you Kirkland boxed wine with that Wine Enthusiast rating of 88). I started visiting grocery stores just to buy their boxed wine. You can even find a good moscato boxed wine. Have a look at our 4 fabulous gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

Check out some of our premium boxed wine faves: Sipper wine box  Bota Box wine pinot grigio  Vella delicious red box wine  Woodbridge boxed wine  boxed Barefoot wine  Vella white zinfandel box wine


Check out Boxxle in action

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boxed Wine

How long does boxed wine last unopened? Please check the expiration date and use before that. 
Is there sulfite free box wine? Absolutely. Please check the ingredients listed on the box. 
How much is Franzia box wine? For Franzia boxed wine, we pay around $18-22 per box depending on sales here in Atlanta in 2023. 
Is it safe to drink expired boxed wine? I wouldn't drink any expired wine. Those dates are put on there for maximum freshness and to p-rovide you with the best possible products. Drink the wine BEFORE it expires. 
Does boxed wine expire? Yes. Look for dates on your box before consuming. 


Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System


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Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System



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Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System

We hope that you found this Boxxle Boxed Wine Preservation and Dispensing System post valuable. Happy shopping!


Wine Preservation


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  1. Stephanie

    What a clever wine dispensing system! This would be the perfect gift for the wine-lovers in my life.

  2. Wow. The ability to preserve the freshness and flavor of boxed wine while also conveniently dispensing it is a win-win

  3. Melissa Cushing

    This is super cool and I actually have one of these that I have not used yet and now I am going to! I love my wine and this is perfection! Love that it helps eliminate waste from the landfills too!

  4. Never heard of Boxxle until now. This is really great for keeping wines!

  5. This product I never heard before. Until this amazing written post. I can say that it is a great product to keep your vine cold. Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh wow, I never thought something like this exist. This is what I need then to store wine and bring it outdoors.

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    Literally, this is an interesting product to consider as we stock up on our favorite supplies, including wine.

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  9. I love the idea of being able to enjoy boxed wine without sacrificing quality or freshness. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

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    Boxxle seems awesome, I looooooove it! I will get it for sure, it is very convenient.

  11. Neely Moldovan

    We have used a different system but Im so glad there are so many options!

  12. I completely agree with you on the fact that everyone has their own wine preferences. There’s nothing better than a refreshing glass of white wine, especially Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. It’s great to hear that you’ve partnered with Boxxle to introduce a premium boxed wine dispenser that is not only sleek and stylish but also environmentally friendly. With one 3-litre box of wine providing about 20 glasses and equivalent to 4 bottles of wine, it’s a win-win situation. You can enjoy your wine without worrying about waste and the environmental benefits. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us!

  13. Oh wow, this is such a cool item! It’s like having a giant tea flask with you but one for wine. I should gift this to Mummy, real soon.

  14. That is a nifty gadget! I was just thinking about this the other night because I have a bottle of wine sitting getting stale because I only have one glass at night.

  15. Sounds like a great product! Checking it out!

  16. Wow this looks really fancy – and a great way to make sure that your wine is dispensed well! thank you for sharing.

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