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What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpghWhat to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is located at the confluence of three rivers; the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. It's over 400 bridges give the place the unofficial name of the “City of Bridges,” and the numerous steel industries characterize the area's heavy industry past. The city’s skyline is currently lined with skyscrapers that are home to some of the biggest companies in the globe. It has also been on several lists of the “most livable places in the world.” There are wide-ranging activities in Pittsburgh from historical tours to family fun. We hope that you enjoy our What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania post.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Molly's TrolleysMolly’s Trolleys

Molly’s Trolleys offer transportation in the city for individuals who want to see the various sights present. Established in 1995, the concept of carrying people using trolleys was developed by Molly Stahlman as a class assignment. The trolleys have been providing transportation for different types of events from family reunions to weddings and in their 20 years of service, have become part of the region’s culture. These vehicles are enclosed with panoramic windows so that people can see outside without obstructions and come with amenities like air conditioning and audio systems. Tourists can get fully narrated tours of some of the famous attractions. Handicap accessibility is available, but advance requests have to be put in.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh National AviaryNational Aviary

The National Aviary is an independent indoor nonprofit zoo is the only one in the U.S that is dedicated to birds with a population of more than 600, representing over 150 species. The National Aviary has daily programs where visitors can go for a day of fun in Pittsburgh as they feed and interact with the birds, which is made possible by the large walk-through exhibits. Some of the animals in the Aviary are on the endangered species list, and the institution preserves them by providing natural habitats. There is an open air exhibit for penguins called Penguin Point where guests can watch the birds playing. The Sky Deck allows visitors to watch the birds of prey as they feed.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Segway tourSegway in Pittsburgh Experience

Segway tours are designed to showcase the future of mobility through different transportation technology. The Segway in Pittsburgh guided tours take people through various parts of Pittsburg such as the North Shore and Golden Triangle as part of the adventure with tour guides giving a history of the town. Customers are required to wear appropriate shoes- no heels or flip flops for safe rides. Individual instructions are provided before each trip.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Cultural DistrictCultural District

In the downtown part of the city, there is a fourteen-square block section between the Convention Center and Stanwix Street that is known as the Cultural District. Besides the 7 theaters, 50 dining establishments, and eight public parks, there are also 90 retail stores, a dozen art galleries, and several art installations. Visitors who want to include cultural activities as part of their fun in Pittsburgh have different options from Broadway musicals to concerts to art exhibits.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Warhol MuseumAndy Warhol Museum

Located on the North Shore, a block East of PNC Park, the Warhol Museum is the largest in the U.S that is dedicated to one artist. Andy Warhol, a Pittsburg native, is an iconic figure in the pop art movement who started out as a commercial illustrator and grew into a notable name in the world of art. The Andy Warhol Museum consists of a permanent collection of the artist’s art pieces, films, and archives. Spread out over seven floors, the museum has 17 galleries that hold reproductions, installations and educational exhibits of the artist. Art enthusiasts can find some original works like the Brillo Boxes sculpture. Besides the art, film, and video collections, museums guests can learn about Andy Warhol’s life and his journey to fame.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Nationality Rooms University of PittsburghNationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh

The Nationality Rooms are a collection of 30 classrooms in the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning depicting and donated by the national and ethnic groups that helped build the city of Pittsburgh….and are utilized daily by University of Pittsburgh faculty and students, while the other two (the Early American and Syrian-Lebanon) are mostly used as display rooms The Cathedral of Learning at the UoP has 30 rooms on the 1st and 3rd floors that are dedicated to the different ethnic groups that helped build the city.

Twenty-six of the Nationality Rooms contain furnishings and artifacts that depict the culture of each ethnic group. Two of the rooms, the Early American and Syrian-Lebanon are only for display and can be viewed through glass doors, but the other 28 are functional classrooms. Guided tours of the Nationality Rooms make for some of the educational activities in Pittsburgh for persons of all ages.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Phipps Conservatory and Botanical GardensPhipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is located in the Oakland neighborhood and has been open since 1893. Phipps has a collection of all kinds of plants from bonsai to tropical forests with different sections dedicated to specific vegetation. Guests can learn more about the various plants through flower shows and exhibitions that are arranged to correspond with varying times of the year. With two universities close by, the conservatory and botanical gardens are learning, and resting locations for students, not to mention they are used as wedding venues quite often. There is a shop and cafe at the entrance where travelers can get souvenirs and stop for refreshments when needed. The conservatory has children play areas, which makes the gardens suitable for family tours.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh Carnegie Museum of ArtCarnegie Museum of Art

The Carnegie Museum of Art was founded in 1895 and is located in the Oakland neighborhood and holds various collections of contemporary art. Over 30,000 items feature different genres of visual arts, including photographs, paintings, and sculptures. The museum has four curatorial departments- Decorative Arts, Architecture, Fine Arts, and Photography. There are different galleries such as the Heinz Architectural Center, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Galleries, and the Hall of Sculpture that offer museum goers ideas for what to do in Pittsburgh.

What to do in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania #LovePGH @vstpgh duquesne inclineDuquesne Incline

A visit to The Duquesne Incline is one of the popular activities in Pittsburgh as it gives a view of the city and the rivers with trolleys transport guests up and down Mount Washington. Locals and tourists have been using the incline since 1877 when it was opened. There is an observation deck just over the cliff, which allows visitors to see the city below and take photographs. The upper station at 1220 Grandview Avenues has a museum where people can learn more about the history of the place. There are several restaurants for guests who want to grab a bite and gift shops that carry all types of keepsakes. There is also a lower station at West Carson Street.

We were hosted as guests of Visit Pittsburgh. We appreciate the hospitality and really enjoyed the amazing city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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