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Visit Aruba: One Happy Island!

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Imagine a warm breeze, a sandy beach and water so intensely blue. Are you thinking what I am thinking? I am thinking about Aruba.

I spent years living in Hawaii and I grew to love the beach like no other place in the world. Now years later with a husband and three children, Aruba travel has been on my mind lately. Aruba is one of my bucket list places to see with my entire family.


The cultural melting pot of Aruba plus the island's hidden gems and beaches make this destination perfect for families.

Sharp geographical differences create a unique combination of land and sea activities. Calm, glittering turquoise waters fringed by marshmallow-soft ivory beaches neighbor a national park encompassing a wild windward coast and unsettled rugged interior.

Tour the island in the comfort of an air conditioned coach or hop in a Jeep or all-terrain vehicle for a different view of Aruba. Taxis are abundantly available as is bus service or you can choose to rent a car.

Foodies will delight in the trendy venues and after-hours haunts, from karaoke and martini bars to upscale bistros and casual pubs. In addition, the main strip comes alive at night with shops, kiosks, movie theatres, cafés, restaurants and bars. You can even hop on the wild and wacky barhopping bus.

The tiny island of Aruba offers delicacies such as frogs' legs, venison, duck foie gras and chateaubriand plus fresh Caribbean catches such as mahi-mahi and wahoo. You will also find Argentinean churrasco, Middle Eastern shoarma, Japanese sushi and teppanyaki selections, Spanish tapas, Indian curries, Caribbean jerk ribs, homemade pastas, USDA choice steaks, Maine lobster and local goat stew and keshi yena to tempt your taste buds and give your palate a workout.

WIth amazing shopping, many cultural and island events plus an active nightlife, there is truly something for everyone to do in Aruba.


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Visit and tell me in the comments below why you want to check out Aruba! I would love to know.

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  1. Beautiful place. I was in Aruba about 2 years ago while on a cruise.

  2. I think I just found my happy place… gorgeous photos! Reminds me a little of time I spent in Thailand. Will have to add this to my list of must-visit spots.

  3. kay adeola

    Sounds and looks like an amazing place.

  4. sue

    ARuba has been on my list for years. The blue water is what I love.

  5. lalalapatricia

    This looks a good place to unwind! I hope I can visit here someday!

  6. Marika from MysterySequels

    That must be a beautiful place to go to.

  7. I would love to visit Aruba! jSo pretty!

  8. Liz

    I never realized that Aruba had so much to offer…it’s really distinctive and different from many other tropical islands and I can’t wait to visit!

  9. Wow – this looks fantastic! I’d love to go there one day… find a hammock and a fruity beverage and just relax! I think my hubby would love to go fishing!

  10. I have never been to Aruba before, but the hubby and I need a kid-free vacation soon and this looks perfect.

  11. I love that it is good for family, but I would love to sneak away with just my family!

  12. Beautiful island. Day dreaming for a winter getaway there this year.

  13. Oooh that place is pretty!
    I would love to visit and not with kids or hubs. I want to go with some girlfriends 😀

    I just want to enjoy the beach!

  14. amy

    i would LOVE to visit Aruba. Maybe next summer I can talk the hubby into taking me on a vacation.

  15. Aruba is so gorgeous…what’s not to love? I would visit for the blue waters and sandy beaches. We all need a little r&r, right?

  16. mel

    How gorgeous! This is on my bucket list to visit!

  17. OK. I am sold. My bags are packed. Where’s the plane ticket????

  18. Roxy

    I’ve always wanted to go!

  19. Maria

    Take me with you!! Looks like a once in a lifetime trip!!

  20. that place is like a paradise, how i wish to vacation in that place. happy island indeed

  21. I LOVE Hawaii. We spent our honeymoon there. But Aruba looks gorgeous too! Hopefully I’ll be able to go someday.

  22. Oh my goodness- I want to go there!

  23. Aruba looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  24. Rosie

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Aruba, your post makes it sound even better – the food sounds delish, the beaches – oh my!!!! I would love to go someday!

  25. Good post. We’ve posted a similar Aruba profile here:

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