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Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting Grand Canyon National ParkVisiting Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is a beautiful sight to see! If you get the opportunity to visit, you certainly won't regret it! Here are a few things to keep in mind, when planning your trip. We hope that you love this Visiting Grand Canyon National Park post.

Visiting Grand Canyon National ParkSouth Rim

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is its most accessible location, open to visitors year-round. The average elevation of the South Rim is 7,000 feet above sea level. Here you'll find Grand Canyon Village, a transportation hub and the place where the most activity occurs.

A visitor center is located in the village, as well as a market plaza and a point of interest for many visitors… the historic district. The historic district is where the original village was constructed. It showcases the lodges that were built there, along with the original railroad depot. Shuttle buses are available for visitors who want to explore this unique area.

Visiting Grand Canyon National ParkNorth Rim

Because of its faraway location, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is less accessible than the South. This particular rim is 8,000 feet above sea level, putting it higher than the South Rim by a whopping 1,000 feet. The North Rim is closed during winter months. But, lucky hikers and cross country-skiers may enter the area with backcountry permits during this time. If you want to visit the North Rim, you really need to do a bit of canyon research beforehand. For safety reasons, only visit during the time it's open to visitors, May through October.

Also, keep in mind that the drive to the North Rim in comparison to the South is significant. It's roughly 220 miles, or a 5-hour car drive from South Rim to the North Rim and 21 miles on foot across the canyon by way of the Kaibab Trails. If you plan on hiking to the North Rim from the South, pack accordingly and responsibly!

Grand Canyon National Park is a fantastic vacation destination, especially if you can't get enough of the outdoors. Why not think about visiting today? We hope that you are inspired by this Visiting Grand Canyon National Park post. Happy travels!

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  1. Astonished by the view! 😍 Someday would love to explore places like these.

  2. Wow the view is so gorgeous. It makes me wanna get to the Grand Canyob myself! I’ve never been there! 

  3. Your pictuers of Grand Canyon is impressive. I thought Grand Canyon is all nature and I have no idea it has a historical district on the South Rim. Glad it has a shuttle bus takes visitors there.

  4. This is such an awesome view. Surely in my list of must visit places now.

  5. I just got back from the south rim. Love seeing it here, your photos are amazing. Did you write this for the Grand Canyon? I would love to write a piece for them!

  6. I love the Grand Canyon! Thanks for sharing and your photos are incredible.

  7. Aaaahhh this has always been in my list to visit! I love seeing photos of the Grand Canyon; it’s so magnificent!

  8. I’ve always wanted to go there. I hope one day I can take my family!

  9. Wow I have never been before and it’s def on my bucket list! 

  10. Visiting the Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list. Your photos have inspired me even more and I’d love to make it a family vacation for us.

  11. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon some day! The closest I’ve gotten to seeing it, is only from an airplane!

  12. Those photos are simply stunning. I’ve never been but it seems like it would be such a massive sight to see in person.

  13. Sharon Wu

    the grand canyon is so gorgeous isn’t it? the last time i went was 3 years ago and it was soooo cold lol i wanna go back in the spring this time and not winter!

  14. remo

    WOW! Stunning pictures. I have never been to Grand Canyon. Would love to visit it in future!

  15. It’s one of the places I really want to visit. It’s so amazing!

  16. The Images you have added are so beautiful. I am thinking to go somewhere over to the hills with the family.It will be great fun.

    Many Thanks!!

  17. We visited the Grand Canyon a couple of summers ago as part of our Southwest road trip. It was absolutely amazing. You really can’t grasp the hugeness of it till you are there.

  18. oh i’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but this is definitely on my wish list for this summer. I honestly can’t wait. Thanks for the awesome pics.

  19. For those looking to travel to Grand Canyon NP will surely love this nice and concise guide. Thanks for sharing.

  20. gosh what a place !! i so would love to visit one day just to experience it for myself

  21. What stunning photos! I bet its jaw-dropping in real life. We’d love to visit the Grand Canyon one day when I’m older x

  22. Ugh, I was so close to visiting the Grand Canyon last year when I visited Las Vegas. Your post really makes me wish we had been able to fit it into our trip!

  23. this is on our travel bucket list as a family. hope to make it out there in a few years

  24. Krista

    This is so high on my to do list; I can’t wait to adventure here someday! Absolutely gorgeous, and great tips!

  25. I have so many amazing childhood memories at The Grand Canyon!! Love seeing these pics!

  26. eli

    The Grand Canyon is one of the most epic places I have ever been to! Such a great trip.

  27. We absolutely loved our trip to the Grand Canyon. We had such a blast and it was an incredible sight to see! Great post!

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