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Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Sleep is so important for everyone. Sleep is what allows our bodies to wind down and recover from the activities we participated in throughout the day and how our bodies recharge for the next day ahead of us. The amount of sleep everyone need ranges from gender, age, lifestyle, and so many other factors. Scientific studies show that women need more sleep than men and today I am going to be talking all about why that is. I am sure that many of ask ourselves why do women need more sleep than men or who needs more sleep men or women or how much sleep do women need or even do men sleep more than women, but it's clear that women need more sleep than men. We hope that you enjoy this Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men? post.

A lack of sleep can affect so many health conditions such as your immune system and how easily it is for you to get sick, your heart health (which women are more at risk of developing), and mental illness. While we sleep our brain is working to recuperate overnight and repair itself from working all day long while we are awake. For women, this is especially important.

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As women our brain requires more repairing because generally women use their brains more. This is not stating that women are smarter than men and no need to make this a gender war, LOL. However, statistics have shown that women's brains work harder because women are more likely to do things like multitasking which requires a lot of function within the brain.

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If you are a busy woman whether that be someone that has an intense, hard working job or maybe you have kiddos to take care of, or maybe you just have a house to take care of and maintain, chances are you are going to be doing many things throughout the day and probably multiple of them will be going on at the same time. This requires a lot of hard work in your brain and tends to wear out your brain, in which you need that sleep to rest and recuperate overnight.

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This is not to say that men are also not busy people and that they don't also do a lot of multi-tasking. There are men out there that do just as much as women, it is just that studies show that is more common for women to be multi-tasking and doing multiple things at once than it is for men.

Whether you want to know who sleeps more men or women, how much sleep should a woman get, how to make a woman sleep deeply or even how many hours does a woman need to sleep, this how many hours of sleep does a woman need post will help you out. The next time your man complains about you sleeping more or makes fun of you for going to bed early, be sure to make him know that as a woman you need more sleep than him! We hope that you love this Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men post.

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

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