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SLEEP NUMBER DualTemp Mattress Layer Review – From a Hot & Cold Household

PicMonkey CollageSeveral months ago, I was contacted by SLEEP NUMBER® about reviewing their newest product. Now I am somewhat of a mattress snob. I really need a very comfortable mattress that can withstand a family of five because on any given night, one, two or all three children end up in our bed by morning. So our mattress needs to be able to handle a lot.

I care about things like fabrics and fill or comfort level and frankly, other consumer ratings. The fabric needs to be something that breathes and doesn't make hot or pill up after a few years. 

I was aware of SLEEP NUMBER®'s reputation so I was interested in checking it out.  Since my husband is always cold and I am always hot, I knew that the DualTemp™ would be something that would work well for both of us.

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SLEEP NUMBER® has added another product to their line of mattress pads, the DualTemp™. It is the first edition mattress topper that is temperature customizable on each side. The DualTemp™ has an active air technology that can heat or cool each side of the mattress based on an individual’s preference. With just the touch of a button this technology can help people – couples for example – sleep more comfortably in the temperature they prefer without having to compromise. The DualTemp™ helps get rid of the use for an electric blanket or a fan and instead delivers to each user a comfortable and restful night of sleep.

Sleep Number Dual Temp Mattress Layer LayersDUALTEMP™ LAYER

Each side of the mattress is customizable to a user’s ideal temperature, whether it be cool, in-between, or warm. Both sides of the topper has its own individual plug in case just one side of the DualTemp™ will remain vacant. It delivers a breathable layer that fits to the user’s every curve and each temperature set is evenly distributed from head-to-toe meeting each user’s resting needs by creating an all-night comfort.

I have to add that one of the really great things that I loved about this mattress is the cooling feature. I tend to work a lot on a laptop on my bed. It is my office and in the summer, my room gets really hot. That mattress cover was perfect for those last few weeks before fall really set in.

Now that we are fully into winter, my husband treats his side like his heated car seats. He turns on the heat, runs to brush his teeth and jumps into a warm bed. But only on one side because I probably the cool on.

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SLEEP NUMBER®'s  DualTemp™ mattress layer comes with a wireless remote to help each user change the temperature of their layer with ease and can be digitally customized for a user to input their name on to prevent confusion if both remotes are being used. For a cooler feel, the user can select from the three levels – low, medium, or high – available on this setting by simply pressing down on the remote’s lower arrow button. To warm up the layer, press up on the top arrow button and select from three available levels on the warm setting. There is also a set level for the fan setting which offers the user a room-temperature air circulation on their side of the layer. When changing temperatures between cool, fan, or warm there will be a soft white noise as the fan speed increases as it works up to the level it was set.

The wireless remote provides another feature for each user, a timer that works separately on each side. Users can set a timer for the DualTemp™ layer to turn off in 1-9 hours. To turn the timer on and set it, press the button located on the side of the remote and after press the up arrow on the front of the remote to choose the length of time the mattress should stay on. If the timer is not set on the DualTemp™, it will automatically shut off after 10 hours of use to help keep the fan in an optimized condition.

Since the mattress comes with two operating wireless remotes, SLEEP NUMBER® has taken into consideration the times it will be used and the times it will not be. For this, the wireless remote has a sleep setting that turns on automatically when the remote is not being operated. When the user picks up the remote while in sleep mode it wakes automatically, loading up the settings for the DualTemp™ in an instant.

I would love to see each remote able to be used for the other side if needed. My remote got lost in the covers one day and I had to wait until I could find it. That would be a nice feature.

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The DualTemp™ comes in a variety of sizes from a twin up to a king, making it simple for consumers to fit the mattress topper according to their bed size and the installation for the product is easy.

For convenience, the outer cover of the DualTemp can be unzipped and machine washed. Also, SLEEP NUMBER® has provided the DualTemp™ with a three-year limited warranty to offer peace of mind to its users.

Sleep Number Dual Temp Mattress Layer on BedDUALTEMP™ LAYER FEATURES AT A GLANCE

  • Dual-sided so each of you can set your ideal temperature
  • Choose from cool to warm at the touch of a button
  • Evenly distributes temperature for head-to-toe comfort
  • Breathable comfort layer softly cushions every curve
  • Timer allows for automatic shutoff in one to nine hours
  • Three-year limited warranty offers peace of mind



To be honest, at first I wasn't sure that I liked the DualTemp™. I mean I really loved the cooling feature. It made my bed so much more comfortable. It really did.

Sadly, I have a husband who tosses and turns when he sleeps. I sometimes do the same thing and so the mattress kept moving on us. We had to adjust the layer on the bed almost daily. SLEEP NUMBER® reached out to me and after much debating (with myself mostly) I finally told them what was happening. I really didn't know how to review this product since I wasn't really sure about it.

The chain of events after this is something that really makes me want to do business with SLEEP NUMBER® when I purchase my next mattress. That will be sometime this year as we have been shopping for a while now. They listened to my feedback and within a week, I was told that a solution was coming shortly. A few weeks and a thicker mattress pad arrived. We took off the old one, got this one in properly and then made the bed.

A couple of days later I realized that the mattress layer had not moved once. The bed was still perfect so this was exactly the solution we needed. I would highly recommend the DualTemp™. Not only is the product perfect for our lifestyle, the company stands behind it which is a really great way to do business.


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The SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp Mattress Layer was provided for review. 

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