Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number BedChange Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

Part of being an adult and beginning life after living with parents, is finding your first home. I remember being so incredibly excited about buying and furnishing my first house. I loved being on my own because it was so empowering.

One of my first big purchases for my new house was a mattress but I was clueless. I’m  pretty certain that I went for the cheapest, strapped it on the roof of my car (said a silent prayer that it would stay) and brought it home. That mattress was one of the most uncomfortable pieces of foam that I have ever slept on so I vowed to get a better mattress when I got my first great bonus. But this was my first real, adult purchase.

Fast forward 15 years and countless technological advances later, I find myself once again in the market for a mattress. I need something that comforts my body to give me a great restful sleep. These days I am less concerned with saving money and would rather have something that is incredibly comfortable.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

We headed to the Sleep Number® store to learn about the latest in mattress technology and were greeted by the manager, Berly. From the moment we entered the store until the time we left, our entire experience was about comfort and tailoring our new mattress to fit our needs exactly. Berly made certain that we found the right fit to get the best night’s sleep possible in the most comfortable way. It was clear that she and other employees really liked their jobs.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

It Starts with Pillows

It really does start with pillows. Who knew? I immediately learned that I slept with too many pillows. I didn’t think that was possible but I saw how my spine wasn’t properly aligned while sleeping.

For years, I have purchased all of my pillows at a warehouse store. They seemed comfortable so they came home with us but I never spent time laying on the pillow before bringing it home. Berly asked us about our pillow preferences and even though we use the exact same pillows at home, we found out that we actually like two completely different types of pillows.

I preferred the InBalance Classic pillow in king size. This pillow provided the perfect amount of support while still giving me a soft, cushiony experience. It is also temperature balancing which means that “continually regulates and adjusts to your body’s changing temperature”. Seriously that’s a thing and it is absolutely a wonderful thing. This pillow helps you keep cool and moisture wicks to keep you dry.

My husband preferred the Memory Fiber Curved Support Pillow in king.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

The Sleep Number Experience

Berly took us through the entire sleep number experience and honestly changed our lives. From the moment I first laid down on the c2, I knew that I would forever be a sleep number evangelist. As I felt my body align and relax, I started actually feel so comfortable that I could easily fall asleep. In public.

After the c2 we headed to the p5 which was still a little too firm for us and we opted to skip the Memory Foam mattresses. The i8 was one of the split models in the store. It was so comfortable and very soft. I loved the split and being able to have one mattress with two distinct areas was really cool. However, the mattress doesn't really fit our lifestyle because I wanted to be able to use the sheets I already have and love at home.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

Finally we tried the i10 with SleepIQ® on the King FlexFit3 base and at the risk of sounding a little like Goldilocks, this mattress was just right. In fact, we stayed in this bed for over an hour because it was so darn comfortable. The moment I sank into the i10, I knew that I would get best sleep of my life.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number i10 with SleepIQ

The i10 features a dual-layer design where you can individualize each side for comfort along with temperature balancing sleep surface keeps both of you sleeping just right.


  • DualAir™ adjustability
  • SleepIQ® technology
  • Temperature balancing sleep surface
  • 15″ Profile
  • Memory foam reverses to 7 zones of contouring support
  • Soft, breathable knit fabric

Laying on the i10, I felt the pressure come off of my hips and shoulders. I pretty much relaxed like I hadn't in years and I could see why I would always sleep on a Sleep Number. With the Zero Gravity position, I felt weightless and sleepy but most of all, I felt no pressure points at all. That is how I want to sleep every night.

Stay tuned for video and a detailed review.

Change Your Mattress, Change Your Life – Choosing a Sleep Number Bed

What’s your Sleep Number setting?

My Sleep Number setting is a 30. I like my mattress to hug me and to make me feel like I am in a cocoon. This gives me a more relaxing and comfortable sleep. What is your Sleep Number setting? Learn today! Click here to find a store near you.

This is a sponsored post with Sleep Number.

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  1. I love my bed – I even have pjs that say that so a great mattress is important. While I am happy with my mattress right now, my pillow is leaving a lot to be desired, and it is time for a new one as I think my quality of sleep is suffering because of it. Thanks for the reminder, I will have to go pick a new one up

  2. I have always wondered about a sleep number bed. I’ll have to follow along to see how you picked the perfect mattress for you. I’m not very happy with the mattress I have now but there is not much I can do about it

  3. As we get older, we really understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. I would love to get a sleep number bed.

  4. We slept on a Sleep Number bed recently. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with it. I could definitely be convinced to try one pretty easily.

  5. I want to take that test! I’m not sure what ours would be. I love the idea of creating the perfect pillow too.

  6. I have always wanted to try a sleep number bed and after reading your post and seeing how customized these mattresses are I’m thinking this might need to be my first big purchase of 2017! Thanks for the Intel!

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have always wanted to try a Sleep Number Bed. I have heard so many great reviews on them.

  8. Claudia Krusch

    I have been thinking about changing my bed soon. A Sleep Number Bed sounds like the perfect choice for me.

  9. The pillows you picked out sound great! I can only imagine how comfortable the beds were. They have some amazing technology!

  10. Awesome! I never thought you can customize a bed to your sleep preference! Would love to know my sleep setting! Thank you for sharing this!

  11. omg a good mattress will change your life. lol. i remember i needed a new mattress and i could have sworn i needed back surgery. lol. girl my back was hurting so bad and my mom was like you may need a new mattress as soon as i got a new one my back stopped hurting

  12. I want a Sleep Number Bed in the worst way. Right now, my sleep number is achy back and hips. It’s not a great number.

  13. Catherine S

    They make the best beds. We bought one a couple years ago and we both sleep so much better. My husband likes a firm mattress and I dont. It is nice having our own settings.

  14. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have heard such good things about Sleep Number beds. When I get a new mattress I will have to look into these.

  15. ellen beck

    I love Sleep Number . I have had one almost 20 years now and have to say it is one of the best on the market. It really was expensive for us at the time, but, it lives up to its promises of lasting and giving a good nights sleep. I used to wake up up and down, I hit the SN and am out like a light.

  16. I have always been interested in Sleep Number. My husband and I like different firmness/softness so this would be ideal!

  17. I have always wanted a sleep number bed and I am definitely going to get one this new year!

  18. We have tried out the Sleep Number beds in store before, but I can’t remember my sleep number. After having a mattress for 13 years, we really need a new one. It’s on the “to buy” list for this year!

  19. I have no idea that you can have a customized pillow and mattress perfect for your sleeping needs. I would love to know what my sleep number setting is!

  20. Brianne

    We so need to change our mattress! It is so important to get good sleep! 

  21. Our Family World

    That Memory Fiber one does sound like a good choice. I’m aching for a good one for my back. Looking forward to personally browse through their selections!

  22. A good mattress is key to a good night sleep. I think I would be a 30 too. I really like to feel all snuggled in when I am falling asleep.

  23. We’ve been talking about getting a new mattress. Our current mattress isn’t terribly old, but it’s not doing the job. Our backs and hips hurt every morning!

  24. I think the Sleep Number bed is worth looking into.
    My brother-in-law has one and swears by it – it is one of those split-value beds, so he and his wife could customize their own bed settings.

  25. We need a new mattress I’m definitely going to check this out. I have heard nothing but good things about this mattress.

  26. This post came at the perfect time for me. I am in the market for a new mattress. I have been thinking of getting a Sleep Number Bed.

  27. A good mattress means that you’re going to be sleeping well for the night. I think it’s important to find a mattress that suits you well. This sounds amazing!

  28. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately. I think I should show this to my husband – maybe it’s about time we change mattresses as well!

  29. I made the biggest mistake ever sending my husband solo to buy our last mattress. I couldn’t articulate what I needed or even what I thought I needed. So he went out, nabbed a super firm one he loves, and that was it. I am daydreaming about a Sleep Number bed and being able to have us both be comfortable.

  30. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like you really enjoyed your time at the sleep number store. I know I would love to be able to go some day. Sleep is so important to our everything and I do know the pillow is really important. I have chronic migraines it is so important to find the right pillow. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  31. Wendy Polisi

    Finally! I found a new one and a perfect mattress for me. I have a scollosis and most of the time i had to suffered with back ache because of wrong pattern with my old.

  32. My teen guide

    This is really amazing mattress and perfect for couple. I just bought a new one and I think this mattress will perfect tweens.

  33. Kathy

    I would love to have a Sleep Number bed. My husband and I went and tried them out a few years ago. The beds were so nice, but just a bit to pricey for us.

  34. We are in the market for a new mattress and my husband has been eyeing a Sleep Number bed. I think we need to go and try one out!

  35. We need a new  mattress. The hubs and I were just talking about it actually. I would love to have a Sleep Number Bed. I’ll share this with the hubs.

  36. I checked out a sleep number bed in their store a couple years back. They are pretty amazing. I really wanted one of the adjustable ones.

  37. It really looks so comfy, i want to sleep in number bed and I need this our mattress was too old

  38. I have been eyeing the Sleep Number bed for a while now. They look so comfortable!

  39. Hmm, I’m not sure what my Sleep Number setting is. I like a comfy, cozy bed, but with just enough support.

  40. We are in the market for a new bed and I have always been interested in the sleep number concept! I will have to go check it out, plus I need new pillows~

  41. Hearing a lot of good things about these beds, you’ll have to let us know after a few months how it’s going.

  42. I would LOVE to buy a new mattress an of course a sleep number, they’re so comfy! thanks for the help so one day when I can buy one I’ll know which is best!

  43. I agree, for better and peaceful sleep, choosing a right mattress is a must. And this SleepIQ technology is awesome.

  44. That sounds like an amazing bed! I’m not sure if we have a Sleep Number bed, but our bed goes up and down. It’s really great!

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