DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Kids Birthday Party Goodie Bag
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DIY Unicorn Gift Bag

DIY Unicorn Gift BagDIY Unicorn Gift Bag Birthday Party Goody BagDIY Unicorn Gift Bag

We are thrilled to continue our fabulous unicorn series with an all new craft. We hope that you love this DIY Unicorn Gift Bag. Another fave of ours is this DIY Felt Christmas Gnomes

DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Birthday Party Goodie Bag DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Girls Night In Party FavorDIY Unicorn Gift Bag



DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Supplies Needed



  1. Grab your white or off white colored craft paper into 10 inches x 6 inches for the bag. Create a thin fold (about half an inch) along any one side of the 6 inches. Now fold the rest of the paper into half (folding the remaining 9.5 inches into half).DIY Unicorn Gift Bag DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  2. Apply glue along the extra half an inch part and attach it with the other open end. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  3. Fold the current paper 3 inches up from the bottom and create a crease along the folding line. Bag is almost ready.DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  4. Keep the bag on a flat surface and open the bottom by creating corner folds on both sides of the bottom. This will create a triangle corners at the bottom. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  5. Now fold and bring the open sides towards the middle of the bottom. Glue the overlapping parts of the folded open sides to close the bottom of the bag.DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  6. Notice the yellow lines marked on the bag.DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  7. Create folds along the marked lines.
  8. Now unfold all folds and pop open the bag. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  9. Choose different colored craft papers and trace the patterns from the template on the papers. The template includes – 2 petaled and 1 spiral patterns for each flower, 2 outer ear and 2 inner ear patterns for the ear, 1 horn pattern and 2 circles for the cheek blushes.

    DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Pattern

  10. Create rolled flower with the spiral pattern and glue the open ends of the petaled patterns. Glue the inner ear patterns on the outer ear patterns and apply glitter on the horn pattern. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Craft for Kids
  11. Attach the 2 petaled patterns together and glue the rolled flower on the center of them. Similarly create 2 more flowers and 2 more rolled flowers. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag DivineLifestyle.comDIY Unicorn Gift Bag Paper Flowers
  12. Fold inwards and glue the fold from both bottom sides of the ears. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Unicorn Horn
  13. All items ready? Now use a black sharpie to draw the unicorn face on the bag. DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Assemble the pieces
  14. Attach all crafted items on the bag one by one. Arrange them nicely and neatly. Better to attach the ears and horns first; Then the flowers.DIY Unicorn Gift Bag Handmade Paper FlowersDIY Unicorn Gift Bag
  15. Use ribbons for handles. Cut 2 pieces of ribbons into same size and simply glue the open ends of the ribbons with the top open end of the bag on the inside and done!DIY Unicorn Gift BagDIY Unicorn Gift Bag

We hope that you loved this DIY Unicorn Gift Bag. 

DIY Unicorn Gift Bag

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