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5 Great Props to Use When Creating a Birthday Video


5 Great Props to Use When Creating a Birthday Video


5 Great Props to Use When Creating a Birthday Video


Times have changed, and today, most people would not feel special finding a formatted digital card on their birthday in their inbox first thing in the morning. Do you get the thrill with this old way of making people feel loved on their special day?

Well, since this does not make you feel special, why not do your coworkers, family, and friends a good one this year by making a personalized video for their birthday? Birthday videos are memorable and unique ways of making the people in your life feel special.

Fortunately, making a birthday video today is pretty easy. Technology has given birth to many online tools that you can use even without any technical skills. Before discussing the great props to use, here are some tips to follow;


Rely on Friends and Family

You will need photos and videos from the loved ones as well as friends of the birthday video recipient. Make sure to use these photos and videos in making the birthday video. You can even get an idea of the kind of video to make from what you receive.


Use an Online Tool and/or Template

You do not have to be creative for you to make a birthday video. Today, anyone can create an amazing birthday video without a lot of effort. For instance, Memento offers a birthday video maker that can be used by anyone easily.


Personalize the Video

The kind of birthday video you make should speak about the unique personality of the person whose birthday you are celebrating. This means that you should personalize the video to match their personality.


Add a Background Music

Finally, remember to add some background music. Music makes the video outstanding and people will fall in love with the video.


Great Props to Use


Video Gift Reveal


You can also make a video to reveal a gift, instead of presenting the gift directly to the recipient. For instance, let us assume that you are buying a car for your loved one or anything else tangible.

Record the whole experience, from the time you start the purchase, at the dealership when the car is being wrapped, and even when it is being taken to the location they are supposed to collect it. If it is a small gift, you can use a DIY unicorn gift bag to wrap the gift. 

Record the whole journey including the process of making the bag. Then show them this video before revealing the gift.


Animation Video


Collecting video clips and pictures for every friend’s birthday is not an easy thing. However, you can be thoughtful and come up with a personalized animation for your loved one’s birthday.

Make sure to use the opportunity to remind the recipient why they are special and what they mean in your life. You can even make it more special with a special note – maybe saying something they did that made you happy. Make sure the animation matches the personality of the recipient.


Share a Memory


Think about one of the best things that you have ever done with the recipient of the video. After that, look for video clips and pictures of the two of you together, and then make a video reminding them of the things you did together.

You can also ask the recipient’s loved ones to take videos of themselves sharing a favorite memory of themselves and the person whose birthday you are celebrating. This shows that you value the relationship you have with the recipient.


Sing a Happy Birthday Song


Just as simple as it sounds, you can take a video of yourself singing a birthday song. You can even ask your mutual friends and loved ones to do the same, wishing your friend or loved one a happy birthday.

After that, take all the video clips and then compile them all together. This will be an amazing birthday video mashup. You can even ask some of your friends to dance or do anything special for the person you are celebrating.


Go Down Memory Lane


This is something for people who have been with the person whose birthday they are celebrating for a long time. If you have, you can look at your photo archives and get the oldest photos and video clips you have of the two of you.


Compile these photos and video clips together, starting from the oldest to the newest, or rather chronologically. You can even choose to group the videos and pictures by a certain theme. You can also add captions and an amazing soundtrack. 


Following these tips and props, you can be assured of creating a birthday video that will make your loved ones feel special on their birthday.


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