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DIY Ruffled Rubber Gloves + Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Let's face it, there's really not that much fun involved with spring cleaning, is there? I am not a fan of cleaning period but I know that it has to be done. We clean a little everyday and then we do a big cleaning each weekend. But during spring we clean a lot more. We did come up with a few tips that we use in order to make our spring cleaning more fun and keep everything organized.

Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

1. Rock out.

We have speakers all over the house so I play my workout list all over the house to motivate everyone to clean. Or at least clean a little faster.

2. Devise a plan.

I don't do anything without a plan. When it comes to spring cleaning, we break our plans down by room and then each person takes an assignment so we don't duplicate our efforts.


3. Get the right cleaning products from Clorox.

To tackle the tough jobs in our home, we useClorox Disinfecting Wipes,Pine Sol Lemon, and Glad Trash Bags with Clorox Antimicrobial Odor Protection. All three products are available on along with savings and product offers.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes clean 99.999% of bacteria which means that we are protected from allergens and viruses while cleaning with a clear, drying formula that cuts through:

    • Grease
    • Soap Scum
    • Grime

These wipes also kill cold and flu making it the perfect wipe for all surfaces, including stainless steel, finished hardwood, mirrors and glass.

Pine Sol Lemon cuts through tough grease, grime, and dirt on multiple surfaces while Powerfully cleansing and deodorizing leaving your home with a fresh clean scent.

Glad Trash Bags with Clorox Antimicrobial Odor Protection guarantee a strong hold with antimicrobial protection from odors around your home. With these strong, 3 layer drawstrings that offer grip the can technology to keep bag in its place, you can dispose of your bags quickly and securely.

4. Clean with style.

Now you just know that we would pretty up our cleaning, right? These DIY Ruffled Rubber Gloves are about the cutest things ever AND they save your manicure. Step-by-step tutorial and directions are below.

DIY Ruffled Rubber Gloves


  • 1/4″ yard cotton fabric (no fat quarters)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Threaded sewing machine
  • Rubber cleaning gloves


  1. Cut your fabric in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold over one long side of your fabric pieces about a 1/4″ inch and pin.
  3. Sew a straight line all the way access the folded raw edges, remove the pins, and trim any excess thread off.
  4. Fold the opposite raw edge over about a 1/2″ and fold your long fabric strips into standard box pleats. Fold, pin, fold, pin, repeat until each fabric strip is fully folded and pinned. Think of an accordion fold.
  5. Place the pinned edge of your pleated fabric onto the back top of the glove leaving a 1/4 of extra fabric.
  6. Carefully pin and slowly sew the pleated fabric to the glove.
  7. Cut off your excess fabric and sew the two pieces of pleated fabric together at the back side of the glove.

Pleats pinned to glove

Pleats sewn to glove

One raw edge folded over 1/4″

Pleats pinned

1/4″ folded over and pinned

Pinned and sewn 1/4″

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clorox. The opinions and text are all mine.

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