15 Winter Activities for Kids
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15 Winter Activities for Kids

15 Winter Activites for Kids

I love finding activities for my kids to do during the Winter. We have a long long break coming up and if I don't make it exciting for them, they will just want to watch television all day, every day.

So here are a few, fun activities that you can do this year with some things that you might already have around your house.

  1. Footprint Sharks
  2. Toilet Paper Minions
  3. Recycled Crayons Craft
  4. Snow Spray
  5. Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs
  6. Flowered Headband
  7. Rain Makers
  8. Milk Painted Toast
  9. Clothespin Caterpillar Magnets
  10. Fire-Free Fireworks
  11. Toilet Paper Roll Owl
  12. Cotton Ball Sheep
  13. Tie-Dye with Koolaid
  14. Snowman Birdfeeder
  15. Oven Playdough

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