Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs Egg Decor Tie Dyed Egg
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Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is coming up and my kids are already thinking of all of the ways that we can color eggs this year. I like simple and easy but my kids really enjoy spending time together decorating eggs. This year I am trying to do easier eggs so that all three kids can easily dye eggs and this method works wonderfully. It is much easier to put dots of dye on each egg plus the paper towel gives it a little look of texture which I really love as well. We hope that you love these Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs.

Make certain that you have your kids use gloves when they make these or you might have a little trouble getting dye off of little hands. And your own as well!

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs


  • Hard­Boiled Eggs (best at room temperature)
  • Paper Towels
  • Liquid Food Coloring

Easy Tie Dye Easter EggsDirections

1. Tightly wrap a paper towel around an egg. 
Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

2. Drop a few drops of food coloring onto the paper towel, so it soaks through and colors the egg. Spread out the drops of the same color, leaving space between to add other colors.

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

3. Drop another color into the spaces left, and then repeat with a third color.

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

4. Work your way around the entire egg, adding different drops of colors as you go. Don't try to do more than 3 colors per egg, or it will be too much.

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

5. Remove the paper towel and allow the egg to dry.

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs

We hope that you loved these Easy Tie Dye Easter Eggs.

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  1. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie)

    these look pretty cool and easy to do

  2. Julie Wood

    These are so cute! I like the tie dye colors and how nice they look when they are done. They will really make my Easter baskets I give out so colorful. I will have to try to make these.

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