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Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallee, France has been open since 1992 and is one the best theme park attractions near and around Paris. In 2012, it saw 11 million visitors and there are many areas throughout the park that appeal to all ages. Five themed areas of the park are called “lands”, which includes Main Street, U. S. A. like many of the Disneyland Parks in the U. S. There is Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Each has its own theme based on the name.


Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
Based on the popular Disney-Pixar Toy Story 2 movie, children can become a part of Buzz's group of Space Rangers and defend the world against the Evil Zurg. They'll spin around zapping the enemies in this exciting ride.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
The princess in your life can meet Sleeping Beauty in her wonderland castle. Children and even adults will enjoy the charm of the castle and its fairytale atmosphere.

Disneyland Railroad
The whole family will delight in the look and feel of this tiny train, which will take riders around the main street area of the park.

Disneyland Paris Rockin Roller Coaster Disneyland Paris Maze Disneyland Paris 11 Disneyland Paris 6 Disneyland Paris 12 Disneyland Paris 7 Disneyland Paris 4ACTIVITIES AND ADVENTURES

Pirates of the Caribbean
This wet and wild ride will take the occupants through quick twists and turns in a cavernous maze filled with pirates and pirate booty.

Studio Tram Tour
For those who want to see how the magic happens behind the scenes, the Studio Tram Tour will take visitors through movie magic where they'll feel how an earthquake happens on set. They'll get to see costumes and props from their favorite movies too.

Disneyland Paris Shopping Disneyland Paris 10 Disneyland Paris 5


Restaurant Agrabah Cafe
At the beginning of the adventure land park, visitors can experience a Mediterranean-style buffet where guests can get all you can eat meals. This is great for families who can pick and choose their meals from the plentiful buffet.

Blue Lagoon Restaurant
The Blue Lagoon Restaurant will cater to the more a more exotic palette with exotic meals with wait staff who will serve the meal tableside. This restaurant can be experienced right in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean area.

Disneyland Paris


Google Earth will allow visitors to see Disneyland Paris before visiting the location. Viewers can install the latest version of Google Earth to see every inch of the park. Over 85,000 pictures were taken to create the 3D visual tour.

Paris monuments  Disneyland Paris Map

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  1. It doesn’t matter where you go, Disney is always Disney! I would never know that was in Paris if you hadn’t written about it.

  2. I’ve never been to any Disneyland, but might be going to Paris next year. It would be amazing to go!

  3. At some point I would love to go there!  I have been to Disney World, but I was a kid! We love Disney!

  4. Paris and Disney? Wow, what an awesome combination. I think I have to add this to my top priority bucket list.

  5. We have never been to a Disney property. This sounds like it would be a lot of fun for the whole family. I had no idea there was a Disneyland in Paris.

  6. Oh la la! What gorgeous images you have shared! I almost feel like I was there! I wish I could go! If I ever do get to visit Paris I will have to go to Disneyland!

  7. Confession- I am the BIGGEST Disney fan there is but have never been to any of the Disney parks!! YIKES! Disney Paris looks amazing and I hope to go one day!!!

  8. Disneyland Paris sounds like an amazing place to visit! These are great photos, almost makes me feel as if I am there!

  9. WOW! This looks as though it’s a spectacular place to visit! It may be time to add this to my bucket list.

  10. I love that there seems to be something for everyone there. I think it’s neat that they have so many things for small kids to do. I am willing to bet it’s a ton of fun!

  11. Kathy

    That looks like so much fun. I’ve never even been to Disney before. I have always wanted to go, and I’d love to bring my girls. I know they’d have fun.

  12. There’s a Disney in Paris?! Oh my goodness, I’m adding this to my #bucketlist!

  13. Michelle Waller

    This truly looks like a magical place to visit. I would love to visit here one day, escpecially Paris. 

  14. Never been to Paris, and never been to Disney. Looks like the perfect vacation just calling my name… gorgeous photos!

  15. I’ve never been to Paris before, but I would love to see Disneyland Paris. What a fun place to visit and travel to!

  16. How lovely! I have never been to Paris or Disneyland for that matter, but I hope to do so someday. Especially while my kids are young.

  17. I’ve never wanted to really go to any Disney outside of the US, but now I am wondering why I never wanted to go here. Disney Land Paris looks amazing!!

  18. I visited Disneyland Paris for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. The Ratatouille restaurant was my favorite. So delicious. Also, the park wasn’t as busy as the one in Cali or Florida so the photo ops are never ending.

  19. Adaleta Avdić

    This is so cool! I seems pretty similar to disneyland! I would love to go there!

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