Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

If you’re looking to move to a new state but are unsure of where to go, consider making the move to New Jersey. Despite some of the less-than-stellar impressions people outside of the state may tend to have towards it, it’s one of the best places to live in the United States today—and this article is going to explain why.


From its overall size and population to the many attractions that dot it, there’s a lot to love about the Garden State. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, make sure that your New Jersey condo is protected while you explore your new state by finding a high-quality policy for condo insurance in New Jersey. Once you’ve secured that, we’ll explore the state’s size.


Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

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Size and Population

Did you know that New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state in the United States? For those who love to travel, this is great news as it means it will take less time to travel from one town or city to another.


It will still take time, of course, but if you’re traveling the state to enjoy everything it has to offer, it will take less time to do so here than if you visited other states like the behemoth that is Texas or the not-quite-as-large Illinois.


The smaller size of New Jersey overall also benefits those who prefer to feel cozy where they live. The small size makes it manageable and comfortable to travel throughout without feeling claustrophobic, a problem some smaller states such as Vermont may fall into.


Even though it is one of the smallest states, it has one of the highest populations. Extroverts will love this news as it means there are plenty of people to greet and new friends to make. For those who are introverted or prefer their quiet, private time, this may be a bummer.


However, while the bustling city streets may be a bit overwhelming at first, the comfort of your cozy, quiet condo will be more appreciated than ever before. Plus, this large population means that public transportation and other amenities that may be less common in other states are abundant here, making it more convenient.


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Happiness Ranking

It may surprise you that a study is conducted every so often to determine what the happiest states in the country are. It may be even more surprising to discover that New Jersey was ranked as the fifth happiest state in the most recent one.


To determine happiness, the researchers who conducted the study drew upon the research performed by others that explain many different aspects of happiness, from how the happy live longer to the joy derived from experiences of all kinds.


The metrics they measured for from studying these papers are as follows: emotional and physical wellbeing, work environment, and community and environment. Each of these larger categories is broken down into smaller ones that add up quickly; the better a state performs in each of these smaller categories, the better its overall score is and the happier it is.


So, how did New Jersey end up being so high in the rankings? It comes down to where it shined the most. Overall, New Jersey came in third place for emotional and physical wellbeing, fourteenth in work environment, and twenty-ninth in overall community and environment.


While the total possible score for the three categories was one hundred, the top state, Utah, which scored first place in both work and community environments, only had sixty-nine and seventy-nine hundredths points. New Jersey almost scored sixty-two points but fell short by two-hundredths of a point.


In short, While New Jersey isn’t the happiest state in the country according to this study, it is in the top five and has pretty good scores overall.

Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

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Various Beaches

While its relatively small size, large population, and high overall happiness scores are good reasons to move to New Jersey on their own, they aren’t the only ones. This state sits on the eastern coast of the country and not only borders New York state and Pennsylvania but also the Atlantic Ocean—you know what this means: beaches.


You could visit and enjoy Stone Harbor by sunbathing on the sand or taking kayaks out for a little ride. If you’d prefer to birdwatch or fish on the undisturbed shore, you could consider visiting the conservation area. The lack of a boardwalk may be disappointing to some, but for others, it means there will be slightly less traffic and more time and space for just relaxing under the sun.


Visit Long Branch if you prefer your beaches to have a bit more hustle and bustle. From the surfing and sunbathing offered at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park to the night scene offered by the various restaurants and shops situated on the boardwalk, there’s something for you to enjoy here. You could even enjoy a game of volleyball or skate park while your kids enjoy the playground.

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Checking Out Other Attractions


Of course, enjoying the beaches isn’t all there is to do in New Jersey; you could also explore some of the many fun things to do here. You could take a statue cruise, tour a vineyard, enjoy the lighthouses, and so much more. Many art and cultural centers await your curious eyes and an open mind while the wide range of events held each year awaits your visit. The unique decoration, delicious food, and exciting events will surely excite and delight you.

Why New Jersey is a Great State to Live in

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Embracing Everything New Jersey Offers

New Jersey has a lot to offer, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the great gems the state has in store. We haven’t even touched upon the national and state parks or any other outdoor activities, and we simply can’t go over all of the delicious offerings provided by the mom-and-pop restaurants you’re sure to find or the benefits of living so close to the underappreciated beauty of New York state or the gorgeous scenery that Pennsylvania has to offer.


Whether you like the idea of living a happy, cozy life in your condo or the excitement of all of the quick adventures you can have here, New Jersey has something for everyone, and we’re excited to hopefully see you soon!


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