Disney Dream Cruise Ship Dining Options

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Dining Options

Disney Dream at Sea 2

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Dining Options

With nine different restaurants, plus room service, guests aboard the Disney Dream Cruise ship are able to have a different dining experience every single day of their cruise, if they desire.With cuisines and ambiance ranging from simple snacks to elegant, full service haute cuisine, an experience exists to please families dining together, or parents desirous of having an “adult night out.”

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Disney Dream Animator’s Palate Disney Dream Animator’s Palate 2

One of the main dinner venues is the Animator's Palate, on Deck 3, which features Pacific Rim and American cuisine, amid a Disney character theme decorated room that resembles the inside of an actual animation studio. Live shows are performed three times each evening during meals, and change daily. Or course, a complete children's menu of favorites is available as well.Disney Dream Cabanas 2 Disney Dream Cabanas

On Deck 11, passengers can enjoy all day meal service at the combination indoor/outdoor eatery called Cabanas. During early day meals, the restaurant features cooked to order favorites, while during dinner times, Cabanas in transformed into an elegant dining space with main dining options.Disney Dream Palo Disney Dream Remy

When it comes time for ‘date night' for parents and couples, you'll be able to choose from two locations, Remy or Palo, both located on Deck 12. Both outlets are “adult exclusive.” Palo serves rich Northern Italian cuisine nightly in a setting that boasts panoramic ocean views; Remy's French inspired cuisine offers the most romantic and intimate dining experience aboard the ship.Disney Dream Royal Palace

Another main dining experience is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Royal Palace, with an atmosphere inspired by Disney classic films like “Sleeping Beauty” and “Cinderella.” Featuring continental inspired foods fit for a king or queen (or your little princes and princesses), during your dining you'll be surrounded by palace furnishings and finery, including marble floors and crystal chandeliers. Portholes adorned with tiaras add to the elegant atmosphere.
Disney Dream Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream is a large-sized, Main Dining restaurant located on Deck 2, Midship. Inspired by the picturesque gardens of Versailles, Enchanted Garden boasts a market-inspired menu of mouthwatering flavors from around the world for breakfast, lunch and dinner—and a wondrous environment that magically transforms from day to night over the course of the dining experienceIf casual is more your thing, head to Deck 11 and Flo's Cafe, which features American “snack bar” type favorites, like burgers, sandwiches and pizza. It's open with three different themed dining stations from approximately 11 AM – 7 PM daily.

A need for privacy, or simply an excuse to chill out can be a good excuse to summon room service, available twenty four hours a day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Dine on made to order meals no matter the time of day or night. Ordering breakfast to your liking is as simple as placing an order card on your room door when you retire for the evening.

No matter your dining tastes, from the simple snacks to the most elegant multi-course meals, you'll always have your choice available on the Disney Dream cruise ship.

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  1. I want to go on a Disney cruise SO bad! I wish I could! They look like SO much fun!  Looks like there is a lot of dining options to choose from too!  PERFECT for a picky family like ours! LOL 

  2. I am in awe of all the dining options with Disney Dream. I love Beauty and the Beast, to I bet the Royal Palace would be a great place to eat.

  3. Brianne

    We were just on a Disney cruise a few months ago and was super impressed with their dining options! We all loved the choices and restaurants! 

  4. Lisa Bristol

    I would love to go on a Disney Dream Cruise ship. With 9 different restaurants to choose from you would have a huge selection of food to choose from.

  5. We want to take a Disney cruise SO bad! We are passholders so it only seems natural that we would take a Disney cruise too!

  6. Dining on a Disney Cruise definitely looks anything but boring! I had no idea there were so many options for meals. I really need to do this with my family someday.

  7. I LOVED the Disney cruise!! I hope to go on one again soon. 🙂 Great sights as well.

  8. Amy Desrosiers

    I have never had the pleasure of enjoying a cruise. For my first one, I would love for it to be a Disney one.

  9. What a great selection of dining options. I like that they have adult exclusive options as well.

  10. I wouldn’t know which restaurant to try first. They all sound delicious.

  11. Jacqui Odell

    That looks like it was amazing. I have been wanting to go on a cruise so bad!! I think it would be special.

  12. I love all of the different dining options. How do you decide where to begin?

  13. Great post! I had no idea there are so many different dining options on a cruise ship. Thanks for sharing.

  14. So fun! I just love how many options there are. There is something for everyone – my particular dietary needs AND my picky little eater too.

  15. This looks like such an amazing time. Disney always thinks of EVERYTHING!

  16. Heather

    I love cruising for so many options, but the dining is absolutely on that list. It looks like the Disney Dream is a foodie’s paradise!

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