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4 Tips to Get the Most Money from Consignment Sales and Reselling Kids Items


4 Tips for Maximizing Profit in Kids' Item Resale

It’s important that your kids closet and and toy box grows with them, and that means constant cleaning and clearing out. You may not have considered it before, but re-selling kids clothes and toys is easy and is budget friendly way to shop for the next stage of growth. If you are considering re-selling, the good news is there are a lot more parents that are buying used in order to save cash themselves, but also find the exact pieces and styles they want for their children.

Reselling Kids' Items  Boost Resale Profits Smart Reselling Tips
Kids' Items Consignment

Like other types of re-selling, there are several tips and tricks to be successful and make the most out of your clothes, toys and time. Common sense dictates that everything be freshly laundered, in great condition and in style, but it is possible to put even more in your pocket. Remember these things to make even more money on your items before beginning. 4 Tips to Get the Most Money 

4 Tips for Maximizing Profit in Kids' Item Resale Strategic Pricing Strategies:


There are several options for re-selling, both online and in town, and it is important to find out how each works and weigh convenience, payout rate and customer base. Whether you decide to go online or with a local retailer, put a little more weight on where you would shop for clothing and toys yourself. If they have a great selection and carry what you would normally purchase yourself, then chances are your stuff will sell well there too.


If you take or send in everything you own, letting someone else go through it all and pull the best looking items from the bunch, chances are you are going to have less pulls and a lower offer. If you plan on establishing yourself as a regular reseller, or even if this is just going to be a one time thing, you want to always put your best stuff forward to ensure that you are able to get the best offer on everything that you want to resell, every time.


Buyers and store owners, or websites, are always looking for complete toy sets and clothing that comes with add-ons. If your pieces came in a box, on custom hangers or had extra buttons, sequins and thread, hang on to all of that. Those additional pieces all factor into the offer price because they help a piece sell better. 4 Tips to Get the Most Money 


Most parents are used to tossing items that kids have slightly marred or torn, but there are some pieces that are worth fixing yourself, or hiring professional to take care of. When it comes to kids clothing, designer, custom, and quality materials like wool and leather are worth a little extra love. Moms are often willing to overlook a slight mark that has been repaired when the item is worth more in their eyes. 4 Tips to Get the Most Money 

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  1. Rosie

    These are good suggestions! I was just mulling over consigning some items, this is perfect info for me to get the best prices!

  2. Nicole

    Awesome tips here, that are very useful. I always use Ebay to resell unwanted or outgrown clothing of my kids. And I do pretty good with sales. Item descriptions are very important.

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