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Castaway Cay – The Disney Private Island in the Bahamas

My most favorite day on the cruise was when we docked on Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Have you heard of Castaway Cay? This is the private island owned by Disney which is a stop on a cruise through the Caribbean.

“Reserved exclusively for Disney cruise Guests, Castaway Cay is a port-of-call paradise on Disney Cruise Line Bahamian and Caribbean cruise vacations, where you enjoy such tropical leisure as snorkeling, boating, swimming and old-fashioned sunbathing. Disney's private island in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is 3.1 by 2.2 miles in size and features a post office with its own unique Castaway Cay postmark.

Things to Do and See in Castaway Cay
Castaway Cay visitors find an island completely outfitted for premium family leisure, evoking a “happily away from it all” mood. In addition to open-air BBQ dining, a gift shop featuring Castaway Cay gifts and souvenirs, and island music broadcast throughout the island, you enjoy:

* The Snorkeling Lagoon, the Swimming Lagoon, sports and more at the all-ages Castaway Family Beach
* Swimming, kayaking, sports and more at the private Teen Beach
* Open-air massages with an ocean view, a yoga class and a bar at the secluded, adults-only beach, Serenity Bay
* Biking, nature trails and organized walks and runs
* Watercraft use such as kayaks and paddleboats in the Boat Harbor
* Port Adventures for everyone in the family, including stingray interactions, glass-bottom boat tours, parasailing, fishing, jet ski tours and offshore snorkeling
* Free childcare at Scuttle's Cove, an expansive child's area supervised by Disney counselors
* Disney Character Greetings, including a Dance Party with Lilo and Stitch

Past and Present
Formerly known as Gorda Cay, Castaway Cay is located amid the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas, an area first occupied in 1783 by European settlers in exile from the American Revolution. More than two centuries later, Disney purchased the island—used as a location in the classic 1984 Disney film Splash—to create a private paradise for Disney Cruise Line Guests. It took builders 18 months to perfect the rustic, “castaway” landscape and motif that lend the pristine scenery additional charm. Of the island's 1,000 acres, only 55 have been developed for Guest use, leaving the remaining land unspoiled and untamed.

Castaway Cay invites cruisers to enjoy balmy tropical weather and world-class recreation on a Bahamian oasis with signature Disney hospitality. You may use your Key to the World cards for retail transactions on the island, and can obtain beach towels after disembarking to Castaway Cay. While still on board, be sure to get the Castaway Cay-vents activities schedule from your stateroom so you know when and where to find all the unique island fun.”

I had an amazing time on the island. I got to participate in a Stingray adventure where we got to feed the stingray and learn about them. I had no idea that people actually live on the island year round to take care of the stingray.

The experience was a little frightening at first but the guide really encouraged to get into the water and touch the stingray. She knew the names of every single stingray and she showed us how to feed them so they came right for the food. They were hungry and pretty fun.

After the stingray adventure, I explored the island. They had several beach parties going on and the food was plenty. I rode a bike for a while and then went swimming. I also laid on the adults only beach soaking up the sun and truly enjoying the quiet. I almost didn't want to go back.

Castaway Cay is a “MUST SEE” for any Disney cruise through the Bahamas.


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  1. ellen

    Oh this siland looks like paradise! I have yet to be on any type of cruise, and anything beachy makes me drool!

  2. Scott

    Castaway Cay is so much better when cruising on the Disney Wonder or the Disney Magic…when you go on the Disney Dream it’s nothing more than a crowded beach in Florida during spring break. went once on the Disney Dream and never again…give me the smaller ships of the Wonder and the Magic.

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