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4 Ways For Creating A Garden Perfect For Outdoor Entertainment

Creating A Garden Perfect For Outdoor Entertainment

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a garden that is welcoming and equipped for many an evening entertaining friends, then look no further. There are loads of different garden options to suit all tastes, so you are sure to find an idea that appeals to your outdoor living space. Here are 4 ways to create a garden that is perfect for outdoor entertaining. We hope that this Creating a Garden post inspires you. 


Creating a Garden

Creating a Garden


Consider your lawn options

You don't have to have any grass in your garden at all, but if it's a decent size, then it's a good idea to have a lawn of some kind – even if it's just there to add a bit of warmth.

Patio and decking areas look great but, without the addition of any color, they can make a garden look quite industrial, particularly if the space is quite small.

Grass softens the look of a garden and provides a nice place to sit or lie during warm summer days, having family picnics or chilling out with friends. 

Turf isn't particularly costly, although groundworks can be, so it's worthwhile getting a few quotes. If maintenance is the reason you don't have a lawn, then consider having artificial grass fitted instead. It is far more costly but is practically maintenance-free and will last for years.  

If you're aiming to cultivate a vibrant garden with minimal effort, consider the power planter—an innovative tool that simplifies the planting process, ensuring your garden is guest-ready for those memorable evenings.


Creating a Garden

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Outdoor furniture

If you enjoy having guests around regularly, then you need adequate seating that is functional and comfortable. It's all very well having furniture that looks amazing, but if it isn't nice to sit on for longer than 10 minutes, you could end up regretting your decision.

Egg chairs, sun loungers, and corner sofas will provide lots of comfort and a good range of seating options for you and your friends or family. Measure how much space you have before you go shopping to make sure that your preferences are going to fit.

Dominating a reasonably sized decking area with a huge sofa isn't going to look particularly good, so be realistic about what will fit and take it from there.

Regardless of whether you enjoy having regular barbeques or prefer serving buffet-style cuisine, you will need an area for your guests to eat. If the number of visitors you have at any given time tends to vary in size, extendable dining sets provide flexibility when you need it.

Small occasional tables are brilliant for drinks and nibbles, and foldaway tables come in very handy if you are making huge amounts of food that won't fit on a regular dining table.


Garden accessories

Another great way to turn your garden into a welcoming space for entertaining is to add accessories such as a water feature or outdoor solar lighting. Outdoor wall fountains make a beautiful addition and will add a sense of calm and relaxation to your space.

If you love the idea of a sensory addition to your garden but want something a bit smaller, table water features are another option to explore. Not only will they be a talking point, but they will add a real sense of style and elegance to your garden.

When the sun starts to set, outdoor lighting takes over, which can change the mood entirely. Hundreds of microlights adorning your boundary walls and fences will create a somewhat magical feel.

More colorful bulb-style lighting may make your guests feel like they are ready to let their hair down and party into the small hours.


4 ways to create a garden perfect for outdoor entertaining


Relax in a gazebo

If your weather is changeable, then a gazebo could be a welcomed addition to your garden. If it gets too hot and your friends want a bit of a reprieve from the sun's rays, they can sit in the gazebo.

Similarly, if the weather takes a turn for the worst and you don't relish the idea of everyone clambering into your home, a gazebo will make the perfect retreat until things settle down. 

It will also come in exceptionally handy if your guests have small children and want to give them some quiet time away from the rest of the guests. Gazebos come in a host of shapes and sizes, so have a look at the various options available.

Pop-up gazebos are quick and easy but may not look as nice as the more elegant ranges which include PVC paneled doors and windows. 

Regardless of what you go for, a gazebo is a great way to bring the indoors outside and provide you with a lovely place to relax, unwind, and catch up with old friends.

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