5 Necessities For Your Summer Garden Party 

5 Necessities For Your Summer Garden Party 


Essential Items to Elevate Your Summer Garden Party

With spring in the air, many of us are spending time outdoors perfecting our gardens. Whether you cultivate food or flowers, you likely have a backyard that is the envy of all your neighbors. While you could spend hundreds of hours weeding alone, the fruits of your labor when you step back and look at your perfectly curated garden are beyond satisfying. And, when you take a step back, you're likely inspired to host a garden party with all your friends and loved ones this summer. There are many ways to create a garden perfect for outdoor entertaining, but there are also “‘must-haves” when it comes to hosting the perfect garden party. Let's look at some of the things anyone will need for their party, no matter the theme. 

Key Elements for a Memorable Summer Garden Affair

The Invitation Says It All 

You want to make sure that you set the tone for what to expect from your guests by having the perfect invitation. The invitation sets the stage, whether you opt for a digital e-vite or hand lettering on paper from one of your favorite stationery sets. You convey the party's theme here, obviously the time, expected attire, and an RSVP deadline. While e-mailing invites is a more sustainable choice, garden parties are romantic and nostalgic, and opting for the handwritten invitation is more fitting. 

Use Seasonal Decor 

While your garden may be bursting with native or imported fauna and the lush greenery and bright flowers are enough for the party's decor, make sure it's seasonal if you decide to add more. Opt for colors in bloom, and don't juxtapose evergreen themes with the lighter and airy spring vibes. Keep the plates and other dishes in soft, romantic color schemes and if you're feeling like going bold, do so with brighter greens, pinks, or purples. White and neutral decor allows the garden's beauty to stand out better. 

Dress To Impress 

For a traditional garden party, dressing impressively as the host is crucial. Opt for a trendy floral maxi dress or a cottagecore-inspired outfit. Ensure your outfit matches the theme to create a memorable event for your guests.

Go Green 

With sustainability being at the forefront of everyone's minds these days, making sure you put in the effort to have the greenest garden party possible is meaningful to our attendees and, more importantly, the environment. While it takes more elbow grease to wash non-disposable drinking glasses, cutlery, and dishes, it is more climate-conscious. Still, it elevates your party from one that would use disposable containers. Mason jars make a perfect drinking vessel at garden parties unless this is a tea party; if you're going the tea party route, shopping secondhand for beautiful teacups and saucers is the sustainable and frugal choice. 

Party Favors Are A Must 

Party favors aren't just for kids; they leave lasting impressions. Consider local chocolates or a garden bouquet as thoughtful souvenirs. Garden parties are back in vogue, especially with themes like The Great Gatsby and Mint Juleps. Remember, a positive attitude is crucial for hosting success—cheers to your memorable soirée! 5 Necessities For Your Summer Garden Party 

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