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DIY Magic Fairy Garden

DIY Magic Fairy Garden

DIY Magic Fairy Garden

Whimsical fairy gardens are not limited to summertime gardens, but can easily be brought indoors and even given a winter theme. Young and old find fairy gardens enchanting and charming, and having a small garden to tend during the cold months is more fun when it has a bit of whimsy. Let imagination run free to create a tiny garden that can be tucked into any corner.  We hope that you love this DIY Magic Fairy Garden.

40 magical diy fairy garden ideas

With just a few supplies, creativity and time, it is possible to have a fairy garden sprouting and thriving in just a couple weeks. The trick is to make it look natural, using things that might already be found in the wild alongside trinkets that fairies would stumble upon and drag back home. If you have ever said the words ok google how to make a fairy garden, then you are in the right place to learn how to build a fairy garden. Fairy garden templates are easy to come by and these fairy tale garden ideas will guide you on how to make fairy garden for kids or how to make a cheap fairy garden.

DIY Magic Fairy GardenDIY Magic Fairy Garden

Your fairy garden is going to need a home. Anything that is natural looking, cast off, reclaimed or weathered should be your first choice. Reclaimed boxes, like this reclaimed barn wood planter box is ideal and fits well outdoors and indoors.

DIY Magic Fairy GardenPlanter Box

The wood planter boxes can be left as is or painted to help it blend in or make it stand out.

In addition, a living indoor garden is going to require a healthy potting soil to get your garden growing and keep it thriving.

DIY Magic Fairy Garden

Miracle-Gro Potting Soil

I think that the soil is important. We use Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for everything. Start with a good base like this and your garden will thrive.

DIY Magic Fairy GardenFairy Garden House

Your fairies will need a home to come back to every night, and the kind of home you give them is up to you. Anything from overturned teacups to tiny birdhouses to earthen mounds can be used to create the tiny dwellings the rest of your garden will be designed around. Because the garden is going to be indoors, any plants used to create the home must be able to tolerate a level of sun based on the garden’s location. If you are looking for fairy garden houses, this fairy garden mushroom cottage is the perfect abode.

diy fairy door for tree   |   diy fairy garden gazebo

You can also create your own growing fairy house using seed grass and porous materials, like sponges. Children will love watching their garden and houses grow using these instructions to create a little grass house.

DIY Magic Fairy GardenFlowers & Landscaping

Just like a regular garden, you need to add plants, flowers and landscaping to create an entire space. Use Miniature Fairy Garden Mini River Rocks to help you create paths, dry creek beds and a foundation for your fairy house.

Dainty flowers that stay low to the ground, provide color, interesting texture and fragrance should be your first option for fairy garden plants. Seed grass is a great choice, but don’t discount herbs like lemon thyme and a groundcover like creeping phlox. A single hens and chicks plant can also add a lot of interest to a fairy garden. For indoor fairy garden plants, look over the nursery choices you have available to you, but don’t overlook herbs and plants that you can find in the grocery store, or seeds that can be sowed. Whatever plants you select, make sure they can survive in the indoor conditions you will be keeping them in.

DIY Magic Fairy Garden

Garden Adornments

There really is no right or wrong way to adorn a miniature fairy garden, it really is a personal part of the design process. To keep the look and adornment search easy, you can choose a theme and purchase or reuse found items that fit your theme. It is also okay to use random items you find to create a garden, after all, most fairy possessions are items they find around your own yard. To get you started, check out these diy fairy garden accessories Echo Valley Fairy Garden Starter Accessory Kit, which includes a tiny bird bath, fence, trellis, bench and other goodies. It's a complete fairy garden kit.

Whether you are looking for fairy door ideas for garden, fairy garden ideas pinterest, indoor fairy garden ideas, an elf garden kit or even fairy door for tree trunk, these fairy garden container ideas will help you design that garden of your dreams. We hope that you are inspired by this DIY Magic Fairy Garden. Happy planting!

DIY Magic Fairy Garden

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