Planning a New Deck with TimberTech Multi-Width Decking

Planning a New Deck with TimberTech


Planning a New Deck with TimberTech

This Planning a New Deck with TimberTech post is sponsored by TimberTech. All words and opinions are my own.


Planning a New Deck with TimberTech

Our home is a mid century modern ranch that was built in the late 60's. It's a long rectangle that honestly doesn't look all that impressive from the front, but once inside you are treated to something pretty amazing. You see, the house was built on an hill that slopes down from the front of the home. You enter the house at ground level, but the back of the house is about two stories up, and it overlooks a forest with a creek and waterfall. The back walls are all glass, and every single room has a sliding door that leads to a deck that runs the length of the house. It's that view and deck that we immediately fell in love with when we first saw the place. The one negative is that the deck is original, and after more than 50 years of use and repair, it was time to replace it. We wanted a new deck that would last, look good, and require less maintenance. That's when we began looking at composite decking and Planning a New Composite Deck with TimberTech.


Planning a New Deck with TimberTech


Why TimberTech

What we really liked about TimberTech was the product itself. The composite decking is available in multiple widths and colors, and it is engineered to last. It resists mold and mildew, which was important to us. We have had problems with this in the past thanks to the deck extending out into the forest behind our home. Additionally, we were attracted to the idea of minimal maintenance. A composite deck that runs the length of a home is big, and resealing it is a big job that is not all that fun. The TimberTech line of products eliminates the need for annual maintenance like resealing. That combined with the fact that is doesn't rot, warp, or splinter was all I needed to know.


Planning a New Deck with TimberTech


Getting Started

I began by exploring the TimberTech website. I found several tools to help us plan our project. There I found info about the products, deck plans and a cost calculator. I fell in love with the TimberTech AZEK Multi-Width Decking, as it offered a lifetime warranty and a wide range of design possibilities. Once that decision had been made, we took advantage of the TimberTech offer of free samples. Our samples arrived quickly, and they allowed us to really see and feel the product. This really helped us make a decision on which product to use.


Planning a New Deck with TimberTech


Moving Forward

That's as far as we have gotten with our project to date. I'm really looking forward to the design process, and I cannot wait to actually begin construction. Very soon, we will have a deck that is worthy of the view.

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Learn More and Get Social with TimberTech

If you would like to learn more about the TimberTech line of Multi-Width decking, head over to their site. You will find a ton of information, as well as tools to help you plan and price your project. We hope that you enjoyed this Planning a New Deck with TimberTech post.

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