Cesar Home Delights

Cesar Home Delights

Cesar Home Delights

The fact is that we love our pets. The joy of having a pet in our lives does so many good things. Pets can lower blood pressure, they can make you smile and they can exercise with you. I can honestly say that having dogs has forever enriched my life. I have had and lost several amazing dogs and I am so much better for having had them in my life. We hope that this Cesar Home Delights wet dog food post inspires you. 

A year ago, Teddy came into our lives at the right time. We had spent years going to shelters and pet events in the hopes of finding a dog for our family but had yet to find that perfect dog. Teddy was the first dog in years that our youngest would hold and play with. She had become scared of all animals but she rushed to pick up Teddy and loved him on sight. There was no way that he couldn’t come home with us. 

Cesar Home Delights

Teddy Begging for Food

We found Teddy accidentally and he is such a fun dog. 6 weeks ago, the Dream Dachshund Rescue here in Georgia gave us a sister for Teddy. The kids named her Taffy and she hasn’t had an easy life. She is skittish and scared of most people but over the past six weeks, she has turned into a pretty sweet dog. For the first time in my life, we have small dogs and I adore them. I was always a big dog person: Golden Retrievers, Brittany Spaniel, etc and I don’t think that I ever realized how fun having a small dog can be. They both sleep on our pillows and love to burrow in the covers when we watch a movie. We are enjoying our dogs. Teddy and Taffy both love Cesar home delights. They have been eating the Pot Roast flavor but we have just purchased some of the other flavors to let the dogs try.

Cesar Home Delights Pot Roast

  Cesar Home Delights 3Cesar Home Delights 4

Cesar Home Delights Wet Dog Food

Cesar Home Delights is a wet dog food line produced by the Cesar brand, well-known for its premium dog food options. It features gourmet recipes formulated with real meat or poultry as the first ingredient, aiming to provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

Cesar home delights wet dog food has been just what we were looking for! It comes in a variety of flavors so we know Taffy will never get bored. The recipes they’re based on are classic recipes we all know and love, so I feel good about knowing that Taffy is eating some family favorites (only the dog-friendly version). In addition, it’s very clear exactly what is in each tray – the meaty chunks are impossible to miss and the food consistently looks delicious, even to me! That being said, Cesar Home delights is high-quality wet food for your dog that offers 100% balanced nutrition. The food is fortified with vitamins and minerals and is perfect for small dogs.

Teddy and Jason EatingFeatures

  • Real meat or poultry as the #1 ingredient: This assures a protein-rich base for the food, crucial for your dog's energy and muscle health.
  • Complete and balanced nutrition: Formulated to meet AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for maintenance, ensuring your dog gets all the essential vitamins and minerals they need.
  • Variety of flavors: Available in various options like beef stew, pot roast & vegetables, chicken noodles & vegetables, and turkey, potato & green beans, catering to different taste preferences.
  • Convenient packaging: Served in single-serve trays with easy peel-away freshness seals, making mealtime quick and mess-free.

How to Keep Dogs Healthy

Cesar Home Delights Flavors

  • Beef & Broccoli
  • Beef Stew
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Chicken & Vegetable
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Meat Lasagna
  • Pot Roast with Vegetables
  • Turkey Potato & Green Beans

Cesar Home Delights Flavors

Popular Varieties

  • Beef Stew: Features tender beef chunks in a savory gravy with carrots, potatoes, and peas.
  • Pot Roast & Vegetables: Chunks of pot roast with carrots, green beans, and potatoes in a gravy base.
  • Chicken Noodle & Vegetables: Shredded chicken with carrots, peas, and noodles in a chicken-flavored broth.
  • Turkey, Potato & Green Beans: Chunks of turkey with potatoes, green beans, and carrots in a turkey-flavored gravy.

Cesar Home Delights generally receives positive reviews from dog owners, with many praising the taste, variety, and convenience. However, some users mention their dogs experiencing digestive issues or finding the price point high. Cesar Home Delights offers a convenient and flavorful option for dog owners seeking premium wet food with real meat protein. With its variety of flavors and complete and balanced nutrition, it can be a suitable choice for many dogs. 

Our dogs love Cesar so much that they know when we have tried to give them something else. They simply won’t touch the food. They are food snobs. It is Cesar or nothing. Remember to consider your dog's individual needs and preferences when making food choices. We hope that this Cesar Home Delights post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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  1. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great dog food. I don’t have any pets, but I will share it with friends and family that do.

  2. My 3 dogs LOVE cesar! I mean they go nuts for any food from Cesar they get some for a treat! Your pooch is so adorable!

  3. The story of your fur babies is so very sweet. We definitely enjoy spoiling our dog with delicious food and occasional treats.

  4. The picture of your dog at the table had me laughing out loud. So cute! My daughter would love these dogs!

  5. Your dog is so adorable! I am going to look into this brand for my puppy, thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Pam

    My dog just loves these. They’re his favorite treats.

  7. What an adorable dog! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this Cesar Home Delights!

  8. Ronda

    Reading the flavors of this dog food made me hungry! Haha! Your little Teddy is so adorable!

  9. My big dog (black lab) told me to tell you she is jealous of your little dogs as she only gets dry kibble. Maybe for her birthday and Christmas, I’ll mix in a container of Cesar!

  10. My rescue dog doesn’t have any teeth so we have to feed her moist food. I’ll definitely look for these Cesar Home Delights next time we are at the store!

  11. He is such a cute dog!! If our dogs weren’t so big I’d feed them Cesar!

  12. My grandson is sitting beside me going crazy over your dog! He’s so cute!! I’ve never used Cesar’s before for my dog, but I like all the different varieties.

  13. How awesome that he is allowed to eat in the table. My dogs love this cesar dog food, we buy this for them once in a while for a change.

  14. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Your dog is so lovely. I’ll always remember the dog on the Cesar food and in their ads 🙂

  15. I have never bought Cesar dog food before, but it looks as though your dog loves it! So, I will look into it for my dog!

  16. We love our pets. They are a part of the family for sure.

  17. I bet my two little dogs will love Cesar! Love the pic of your dog at the table with your husband! That’s funny!

  18. I don’t have a dog but I’ll for sure pass this along to my dad who does! This looks like a great product and I see commercials for it all the time!

  19. Teddy and Taffy–those are the cutest names. It sounds like she’s found the perfect home, ready to feed her only the best.

  20. Penelope

    They are so cute! It sounds like the Cesar dog foods are a great choice for your little pups.

  21. Oh, my goodness. Your puppy is SOOOOOO cute! I love those silky ears.

  22. Rosey

    Aww what a pretty pup. I love the elegant pretty ears. 🙂 I’m glad Teddy found his way into your home. 🙂

  23. My pups are on a strict diet so they can’t eat these :/ I wish they could, it would save me lots of money!

  24. Bonnie @ wemake7

    I’ve seen these in stores before I think. We don’t have any pets but I’ll let my friends that do know about this food.

  25. If I were a dog owner, I would gravitate to the Cesar line because of their packaging. It really makes the product stand out in my eyes. Your dog looks incredibly soft.

  26. My husband loves to feed our dogs the good stuff. And out of the 20 years and six dogs we’ve had…we’ve only had one little one…I miss him 🙁

  27. tyra

    I know many people who speak highly of Cesar dog food. I love the pics of the dogs, too.

  28. I know my pups love the cesar wet food too! They always down it in seconds!

  29. Kim Croisant

    We love to spoil our pets too. I had a short-haired Doxin growing up named Ritchie. We loved that dog. We are dog people so it’s not a home with out one.

  30. krystal

    My dogs would go nuts for this kind of food! It looks so decadent. IT would be a real treat for them.

  31. I love how affordable this brand is! However, my poor little guy can’t eat it since his stomach is so sensitive.

  32. This looks like such a premium dog food offering! Your dog looks so happy to be eating it!

  33. Those dogs are too cute. It looks like they love thier dog food!

  34. What an adorable pup! I’ve heard great things about this brand of dog food. I have a bigger dog with a sensitive belly to anything but dry food, otherwise I’d give it a try!

  35. Ann Bacciaglia

    My sister has two dogs and she feeds them Cesar food. I love how it is real food.

  36. What an awesome treat for your fur baby. I love spoiling ours with treats too.

  37. Lisa Bristol

    This is a great food. My two fur babies love it. When they hear the tin open they come running.

  38. Teddy and Taffy are such cute names.
    I’ve heard good things about this pet food project. I’m glad it works for your pets.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  39. My newest little one is absolutely nuts about Cesar, while the other two couldn’t care less. I try and give her Cesar once a week as a special dinner treat while the rest of the week she eats Science Diet food.

  40. I didn’t realize there were so many flavors available for dogs! It looks like a great choice for pets!

  41. Oh my, that picture of him at the table is great!! I must be depriving my dog, because I have never gotten these before!

  42. Those really look like great foods for the dogs. Such special foods for our special furry friends.

  43. Aww, I love the first picture of Teddy! We might be getting a new puppy soon!

  44. Your dog is cute! The last photo is hilarious!!!

  45. This sounds like a great dog food, sadly we are a pet free home. However I will share it with my friends

  46. It is such a thrill to see your dog enjoying his yummy food! I only have cats but glad there’s nutritious food out there for dogs 🙂

  47. Your husband doesnt look too happy. We buy these for our little chihuahua terrier. He eats them right up, its a treat.

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