Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

Exploring Nature's Recipe Dog Food Options

Our dogs are like family. They grow alongside our children and hold a special place in our hearts. Teddy, our charismatic pup, even boasts a shared Instagram account with our rescued friend, Taffy. Let's just say, Teddy and Taffy practically rule the roost! We prioritize their happiness and well-being, taking our responsibility as pet owners very seriously. This extends to their diet. We actively seek out food that allows us to know exactly what's on their plate. enjoy with Nature's Food Recipe to keep your dog Healthy.

Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Nature's Recipe Dog Food for Optimal Health

About Nature's Recipe Dog Food

As my family has transitioned to healthier eating this past year, and we've made some significant lifestyle changes, we began to also look at what our furry friends were eating as well. We became label readers and we always want to know what is in the food we eat so we do this for our dogs as well. Nature’s Recipe Dog Food is now conveniently available where most dog foods are sold. I love that Nature’s Recipe is now sold in a mass retailer because this gives us a healthy and beneficial option for our dogs. As Walmart pet parents, we can now purchase Nature’s Recipe to give our dogs a healthy meal option.

How to Keep a Dog Happy

Why Nature's Recipe?

At Nature's Recipe, they believe that all pets deserve to live long, vibrant lives.  Their focus is on promoting health and happiness for our pets every single day. They have been doing this for 30 years and they craft their recipes to make every ingredient count™. The goal is to provide pets with ideal nutrition drawn from nature's inherent goodness. They are committed to providing nutritionally vibrant recipes for every pet every day. Your pet gets good nutrition for a healthy, happy life, and you get the loving joy of a lick or purr for years to come. Nature’s Recipe products contain high-quality protein, no corn, no wheat, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and no poultry by-product meal. So we know we are giving Taffy and Teddy the very best!

Nature's Recipe, a dog food brand from Del Monte Foods, offers a diverse selection of dry, wet, and grain-free formulas. Tailored for puppies, adults, and senior dogs, their food boasts whole grains, real meat, and vegetables. Furthermore, Nature's Recipe proudly avoids artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Popular Nature's Recipe dog food formula

  • Nature's Recipe Original Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food: This formula is made with real, protein-rich chicken as the #1 ingredient to help support strong muscles. Meanwhile, nutrient-dense whole grains, such as rice, oatmeal, and barley, contain fiber to help support healthy digestion. It is available in sizes ranging from 4 to 24 lbs and is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes.
  • Nature's Recipe Grain Free Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe Dry Dog Food: This grain-free formula features real salmon as the #1 ingredient for a delicious and nutritious option. Sweet potato and pumpkin provide easily digestible carbohydrates, while added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help support your dog's overall health. This formula is available in sizes ranging from 4 to 48 lbs and is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes.
  • Nature's Recipe Senior Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food: This formula is specifically designed for senior dogs with its reduced protein and fat content to help support healthy weight management. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help support healthy joints. This formula is available in a 17 lb bag and is suitable for senior dogs of all sizes.
  • Nature's Recipe Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food: This formula is made with DHA, which is important for brain development in puppies. It also contains calcium and phosphorus to help support strong bones and teeth. This formula is available in a 4 lb bag and is suitable for puppies of all sizes.
  • Nature's Recipe Grain Free Chicken Recipe Broth Wet Dog Food: This grain-free wet dog food prioritizes real chicken as the number one ingredient. Additionally, it boasts real lamb and savory bone broth for a flavor explosion. Furthermore, the recipe proudly avoids artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, and poultry by-product meal, ensuring a clean and wholesome meal for your furry friend.

Nature's Recipe Dog Food

Nature's Recipe Dog Food Choices

  • Small Breed Grain Free Chicken Dry Dog 4lb
  • Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog 4lb
  • Grain Free Chicken Dry Dog 4lb
  • Small Bites Chicken/Rice Dry Dog 4.5lb
  • Grain Free Puppy Chicken Dry Dog 4lb
  • Adult Chicken Meal/Rice Dry Dog 4.5lb
  • Healthy Skin Venison Dry Dog 4.5lb
  • Adult Lamb Meal/Rice Dry Dog 4.5lb
  • Nature's Recipe Grain Free Chicken/Duck Wet Dog 2.75oz
  • Nature's Recipe Chicken & Wild Salmon Wet Dog 2.75oz
  • Nature's Recipe Grain Free Chicken Recipe Wet Dog 2.75oz

Nature's Recipe Dog Food


  • Made with whole grains, real meat, and vegetables
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Affordable price
  • Variety of formulas to choose from


  • Some dogs may not like the taste
  • May cause digestive issues in some dogs
  • Not as widely available as some other brands

Nature's Recipe dog food is a compelling choice for pet parents seeking both quality and affordability. They offer a variety of formulas to cater to different dietary needs, but it's crucial to carefully read the label and select the one that best suits your furry friend's unique requirements.

Nature's Recipe Dog Food


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  1. Food for dogs is very important for their overall well-being. Great post stating this importance!

  2. I am so happy that you found a food that you approve of that your dogs love! Your pup is absolutely ADORABLE! Teddy and Taffy are beautiful and I sure bet they do run the house. Give them love for me please.

  3. If I were a dog owner, I would only want the best of the best for his food! This dog food seems great and seems to only be made with good ingredients!

  4. What a cute pup. We haven’t tried Nature’s Recipe, yet, but it sounds like a great brand. I will check this out.

  5. Your dog is really beautiful. My little dog is my family so I buy the best dog food for his health. He really likes this brand.

  6. This sounds like great food. I’m a firm believer that our pets should have just as high quality food as we do.

  7. Choosing a great dog food is important. We want our dog to be healthy and live a ling vibrant life!

  8. robin Rue

    It is so important to make sure we pick the right food for our pets. Nature’s Recipe sounds awesome!

  9. Jennifer Van Huss

    What a great post!! It is very important to me to feed my dog a healthy dog food. There are way too many dog foods out there that have hidden ingredients! I love that this one doesn’t!

  10. You have a beautiful fur babyy. Your dog relies on you to give them the best life possible. This includes the food choices too. We just made the switch in October to something that is grain free. My dog loves it.

  11. I need to share this with my daughter. I know she has been talking about going grain free with the dog’s food.

  12. What a pretty dog! We have 2 here and feeding them good food is important to me.

  13. What a great sounding food, sadly Sal is on a vets diet these days but I would definitely try her on something like this if she wasn’t.

  14. Aww your dogs are so cute! I’m glad they’re able to enjoy some natural grain free food. Nature’s recipe sounds healthy!

  15. Nature’s Recipe sounds like a great line of dog food. I love that they have been in business for 30 years too!

  16. Pam

    Your dog is so cute! We have a dachshund mix so I love dachshunds.

  17. Gabriel Bregg

    We need to step up our food game with our old lab, I think. We give him an all natural but I think he needs something more.

  18. First, can I just start off by saying how cute your pups are! Seriously! I have heard great stuff about Nature’s Recipe!

  19. Do you know if they have one for puppies. Our lab isn’t quite a year old yet, so I think she is still considered a puppy.

  20. Your dogs Teddy and Taffy are so cute. I love their nice shiny coat. My dog is not interested in dry dog food, so I would choose the Grain Free Chicken/Duck Wet Dog food. I have no doubt that my fur baby will love it!

  21. I can attest to the fact that Nature’s Recipe is the best dog food I’ve ever purchased for my dogs. I have never seen them so happy and healthy. They love the taste and not a single morsel is left in their dish during feeding time. I will highly recommend this to other dog lovers.

  22. My dog loves Nature’s Recipe. She has never been so happy and healthy as when I was giving her a different brand. I am highly recommending this to other dog lovers too.

  23. Rebecca Swenor

    The Nature’s Recipe dog foods like have not yet tried on my dog. I love that they are grain free and they have food for the seniors too. Thanks for sharing a great review

  24. Rosey

    What a beautiful duo. I’m glad to hear you are feeding them so healthy. My son and his girl are very careful about what they give their two dogs too.

  25. That sounds like a great product for dogs! I hadn’t heard of this product before.  Thanks for sharing!

  26. I haven’t heard of this brand of dog food. We don’t have a dog but those sure look like something I would get for our dog if we had one.

  27. We literally just checked this out at the store the other day. We couldn’t decide on which new food to try. Sounds like it needs to be this one!

  28. Sounds like a great brand of dog food! I am using another brand currently for my dog’s sensitive digestive system.

  29. CourtneyLynne

    Oooooo this sounds like one awesome dog food! Perfect for the furbabies. Definitely need to get them a bag!

  30. Great post especially for dog owners seeking better food options for their pup. Dogs deserve more natural and healthy food items too.

  31. Tami Qualls

    Nature’s Recipe is a preferred brand of ours (and our dogs). I can tell a difference when we switch it out for another brand.

  32. that lovely dog deserves a healthy food.

  33. Feeding your dogs great food is so important! I think people can often overlook how important food is to a dog’s health.

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