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6 Fantastic Active Dog Breeds for Active People





6 Fantastic Active Dog Breeds for Active People

When choosing a dog to be your companion and family member, Here are 6 fantastic active dog breeds for active people. You should choose one that fits well with your lifestyle. If you are relatively sedentary and spend a lot of time at home and inside, then you shouldn't choose a dog that needs to be able to run and exercise regularly. Conversely, if you want to bring your dog with you on hikes, jogs, and other adventures, then you need a pooch to keep up with you.

Having an active dog means that you will have to make time for it. Not only should you make sure your dog gets a good walk every day, but you may have to do more. For example, longer walks may be necessary compared to what you are used to, or you might need to take more of them. Plus, an active dog might need extra playtime to stimulate their senses and keep their muscles sharp. Here are 6 fantastic active dog breeds for active people. 

Border Collie

Border collies love being given something to do. That could mean herding sheep or fetching things. They also love to train, play games and do agility drills. They are known as one of the smartest breeds, which makes them easy to train and easy to call back to you if you are on an adventure. Active can mean running around and getting exercise, but it can also mean being active with the mind and senses. Border collies enjoy challenges and like new experiences, whether a unique smell or a new area to explore. They might be the ultimate active lifestyle dog. 


While they might look unassuming, poodles love to play and are incredibly smart. This breed was originally bred as hunters, so they can spend long days outside or on a hike chasing after thrown balls, birds, and squirrels. They are big and strong, and their strength makes them great swimmers and runners. Because of their hunting background, they are excellent receivers and can play ball or frisbee until you run out of steam. As a bonus, poodles are hypoallergenic as well. 

German Short-Haired Pointer

When you have an active dog, you need one that will come as soon as they are called. That’s because if you are out in the world having adventures, there may be hazards, such as dangerous animals or vehicles on the road, that could harm your dog. So, if they come immediately when you call, you can prevent them from getting hurt or lost. The German short-haired pointer is one such dog. Plus, they are very strong and athletic and can keep up on hikes. Much like poodles, a german short-haired is a great receiver and loves to play fetch. So, if you find German short-haired puppies for sale and are looking for an active dog, take the chance that you will have a great companion for years to come. 

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are incredibly popular dogs, as they should be. They are friendly, affable, love people, and enjoy the fun. Along with their friendly disposition, golden retrievers are athletic and very smart. They are often the top choice for service dogs and therapy dogs because they are amenable to training while also loving to learn new things. No matter what activity you enjoy, a golden retriever can no doubt keep up and thrive spending time with you. 

Russell Terrier

Russell terriers are smaller than other dogs on this list, but they are still incredibly active. They require long walks every day and probably also need some time playing fetch or another physical game in the yard. they are also very smart and trainable, as evidenced by the famous TV Russel terrier from Frasier, they are bred for hunting and love to use their senses to track their quarry. You will see a lot of Russell terriers at dog shows because they are so agile and easy to train. 

Shetland Sheepdog

When choosing a dog to go with your active lifestyle, you can not go wrong by opting for one bred for herding. Herding involves having incredible intelligence and stamina to keep working until the job is done. The shetland sheepdog, otherwise known as a sheltie, is just such a dog. They regularly win obedience competitions because they are smart and loyal to the people around them. They are fun and active and get along well with people of all ages. 

Your dog should be complementary to your lifestyle. Let’s face it; if you had a bunch of friends that didn’t share your interests, then you wouldn't spend much time with them. Rember, it’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to the dog if you expect them to do something they are not suited to. If you lead an active lifestyle and want to add a dog to the fun, check out these active breeds to find the one that works best for you. Dog ownership comes with a wealth of benefits, including living longer, so make sure you can take advantage of the perfect pup. 

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