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Call me Sophie

Life in a house a with three children under the age of eight is…well… a little crazy. Ok a lot crazy.

My three year old, Laurel is in a neverending very temperamental phase right now. She is testing my patience on daily basis.

She is screaming. Crying. Throwing herself on the ground. She is exhibiting very stubborn personality traits.


I try to ignore it when I can. If I indulge her then these things last longer.

Her newest thing is a name change. She has decided that she now whats to be called Sophie. And nothing else.

However, her name is Laurel. Or RooRoo (Laurel was too hard for my daughter to say when the baby was born and this is what she came up with). Or Rooster ('cause were loons in this house).

Now everything has changed.

“Me no Lowo anymore.” (Lowo is what she calls herself because apparently no one under the age of 5 can pronounce her name either)

Me: “Oh yeah? What am I supposed to call you? Is RooRoo ok?”

“NO! Me Sophie. Just Sophie.”

Me: “Really Laurel? Why?” (I had to test her right away. That's just how I roll)

“You call me Sophie. Like Mamma Mia.” (we watch that movie way too much in this house)

Ok I am thinking I will play along with this game for a while. How long could it possibly last?

You've obviously never met my three year old.

Two days later, she is still insisting that everyone call her Sophie.

In fact, she will not answer unless we call her Sophie.

Today we had to leave to get her brother and sister from carpool at school. I told her to go put her shoes and coat on so we could go. She ran off.

Less than two minutes later I was in the kitchen getting my coat on to leave and noticed that I hadn't seen my daughter anywhere.

I quickly ran through the house and still did not find her. Now I was panicking. I saw that the front door was open a little and we live next door to a large pond.

I couldn't find her anywhere and I was really starting to get upset. I was calling for her. Looking everywhere.

I finally ran back to the house to get my phone to call my husband. There she was sitting on the couch.

My heart was racing. I was sweating profusely. You wouldn't believe the scenarios running through my mind.

Me: “Laurel what are you doing? Where were you? I was calling you and looking everywhere. Why did you scare me like that?” I may have been yelling.

“Mommy, I was right here. You called for Laurel. My name is Sophie.”

I sighed and resigned myself: “Ok Soph. Let's go.”

See how easy this is? I even already have a nickname for her new name.

DISCLAIMER: Now please don't go thinking that my three year old child actually called me the B-word. It was more of a look that she gave me. I swear she was thinking it though.

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  1. Angie Appoo

    Dont’ worry, it too shall pass :), I think a lot of girls do this now. My daugther wanted me to call her a different name, I had gotten very angry about it, lol, then another phase she only wanted to be called by her given name, no pet names like hunny, baby, sweety, etc. The same for my niece at 3, she wanted to be called by a different name. Their memory lacks in many areas, but they were both stubborn abt the name change, and funny thing is, it happened with my niece in Pa, and my daughter in Ga, so they did not influence each other. It’s cute after the anger dissipates, I bet your daughter is going to LOVE reading these stories about herself when she’s a mom.

  2. Yeah. I have a 3 year old too. She sleeps in ballerina shoes and cinderella dress. I know where you’re at. 🙂

    • Stacie

      I had to peel something off this child a few weeks ago. I swear she was like Pigpen from Peanuts with a cloud of dirt around her because she had been wearing her princess dress for sooooo long.

  3. That’s star power. Bending Mommy to her will 🙂 My daughter hasn’t gone through this… yet.

  4. Too cool for school 🙂 I’m impressed that she picked her new name from Mamma Mia, it’s one of our family’s favorite movies too.

  5. Bwah ha ha! And little Soph will one day run the country! My 3 yr old hasn’t hit that stage yet. I’m sure it will be *eh hem* fun when he does, though. LOL.

  6. I think sophie is a nice name…it could be worse. She could want you to name the baby ‘martin’ like charlotte wants me to name this poor unborn child.

    On a sidenote, when charlotte was 3 she was like a mute….so let her be sophie w/ those speaking skills!

  7. JC

    Sounds like my daughter lol…evil child 🙂

  8. marybeth @

    hilarious! That’s SO funny!

  9. Lee

    When I was in 2nd grade my best friend got to choose her own nickname, she chose Jem. Koren Jem Chaplin. I feel ya. 😉


  10. Lol kids can really have some wild crazy thoughts. I have to sympathize with you. Although I do have a daughter who has managed to make it to 10. Which amazes me. Good luck

  11. My daughter is a very stubborn 3 year old right now. They have a lot of sasss at this age.

  12. My son has these days…like today. Grrr!

  13. Bwahahaha! Sounds like your little one and my 3 year old could be best friends! She insisted recently that we call her Rapunzel and she reminds us constantly! I’m just left wondering, when in the world is it going to end!

    • Stacie

      Oh my three year old is in love with Rapunzel too!!

      Look at her hair in the picture. Every day as I brush her hair, she insists that I tell her that her hair is as long and beautiful. Just like Rapunzel!


  14. Amy Kronstedt

    Oh I can’t imagine what was going through your head!! but I do love that she wants you to call her ‘sophie’. What a Diva! But so cute.

  15. Victoria

    TOO FUNNY! my younger sis’ name is Sophia so what a cute nickname to pick. And she’s adorable!

  16. She’s adorable and full of personality judging from this post. I have a feeling you have several more years of fun ahead of you!

  17. My priest saw Cadence being a stubborn PITA on Sunday and he said “Remember, she’s payback to you for everything you did to your Mother.” (Not that he knows my mom, she was Lutheran.) Anyway… I think it’s funny how strong willed she is. Good luck mama!!

  18. Laurel

    I’m a Laurel and I hated my name when I was younger because it was so different. I love it now because it’s so different. She’ll grow into it!

  19. LOL that sounds like my two year old son and eight year old daughter. My daughter didn’t start doing things like this until she was SIX, but my two year old son is a RIOT in some ways. I always tell him he is lucky that he is so darn cute otherwise he would often get in big trouble. ha ha! Thanks for sharing this story, it is kinda cute!

  20. ellen

    Her answer as to why she didn’t come when you called is priceless- of course it probably scared the bejeebers outta ya. Wonder how long she will stay Sophie?
    Laurel is such a pretty name too!

  21. Debra P

    I thought it was “terrible twos” but I guess that can be any age. In a way, I find it creative, but it must be maddening, especially when you are panicking, calling her and can’t find her. Maybe she will be a famous actress one day! Kudos to you for keeping your cool and going along with it and even creating a nickname!

  22. Eileen

    Now C’mon…that sweet little thing in that picture TESTS you? LOL!

    I had one like that too. She will be 23 this summer and NO ONE better cross her path…all 5 ft 1 inch and 95 lbs would let em HAVE it. Be glad Laurel has some gumpf and grit, cause she will NEED it all in middle school. It’s a jungle out there! I have a couple really shy daughters too, and would much rather have a girl with some spit in her…girls need to be confident and self assured in this world!

    Giggle* my job is almost done though with 4 girls ….aaahhhh God bless you!

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