6 Things That Make Me Sick, But That I Eat Anyways
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6 Things That Make Me Sick, But That I Eat Anyways

Stacie and kids6 Things That Make Me Sick, But That I Eat Anyways

It is time for Small Talk Saturday. Woohoo!  I am really having some fun with this. Today, the topic is 6 things that make you sick, but you eat them anyways. Oh man, here we go, my food weaknesses..

1. Ice Cream – Yes, I love it but every time that I have it, I get some serious diar stomach pains. Almost makes my ribs hurt a little. Lactose intolerance? Nah, I am determined to overcome it. Mind over matter my friend. 🙂

2. Bananas – There is nothing like a good banana chopped over some cereal (or ice cream). Not for me. Bananas give me some serious heartburn. Kinda like I-went-out-for-Mexican-and-stayed-out-all-night-after-partying-with-a-pitcher-of-margaritas heartburn. It's not good, but I do like a good banana.

3. Funnel Cakes – Just saying the words make me drool like Homer Simpson. Funnel cakes…yummy…mmmm. The problem is that every single time I eat them, I get this awful feeling in my throat from the grease in which they are fried. And if you add friut topping? Forget about it, my stomach is done. Yuck!

4. Vitamins – While technically not a food, vitamins are something that really make me sick to my stomach. I went through 11 different types of pre-natal vitamins but every single one of them made me sick.

5. Pizza – I am sure that when my husband reads this, he will be slightly annoyed because this is his favorite food group (he also started a pizzeria). But pizza always makes me a little sick after I eat it. Why does it have to taste so dang good?

6. Fruit Snacks – Yep, cannot stand them. They are gooey and kind of gross but my kids love them. What their mommy does not love is that all three children are constantly trying to shove a fruit snack in my mouth. Sometimes I have no place to spit one I out so I am stuck eating it.  Bleh! Bad fruit snack!

So those are my 6 Things That Make Me Sick, but I Eat Anyway; what are your food Antichrists? Let us know in the comments!

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17 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Corline

    Stacie, that is a very interesting list – I like everything on it! Even the vitamins – Vitamin B12 loves me or should I say I love my Vitamin B12

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment about my aprons. Actually, cooking is not my first love but I love making the aprons …. (sort of like your food list!)

  2. Oh, I love funnel cakes!! But, oddly enough I turned one down a few weeks ago at a baseball game…it was too cold and rainy and I just wanted to get in the car.

  3. I’m with you on the ice cream. Have you ever tried it made with goat’s milk or coconut milk? Both are so yummy…with none of the stomach cramps.

  4. I love fruit snacks lol but I couldn’t pay my parents to eat them!

  5. lucy

    My husband has the vitamin issue too. I thought he was the only one.


  6. Ty

    I can definitely relate to the vitamins and Ice Cream.

  7. Oh..vitamins (the multi kind) make me ill no matter what I take with them.

  8. I had the same problem with prenatals. I got so much grief for giving up on taking them but it wasn’t worth it! I just made sure to eat my vitamins in the form of a very balanced diet. And for the record, my kids are very healthy. 🙂

  9. I’m not the only one who doesn’t eat pizza? I’m amazed!!! I love the ice cream too but i hate the after effect. YUCK!

  10. Deb

    I am with you on ice cream…it makes me feel yucky. I actually don’t eat it any more because after several bad experiences, it just isn’t worth it. My mom doesn’t eat ice cream either and I thought she was so weird when I was a kid. Now I understand. Oh to be older and wiser?

  11. Ana

    Have you thought about giving up on the things that make you sick? That is a sign that your body doesn’t like them, as afterall your not feeling good after.

  12. Visiting from shrinking jeans. Some of those things aren’t so bad to make you sick. But I feel for you and the ice cream and bananas, love them.

  13. I really should not read this post at 12:30am. Makes me so very hungry! 😀

    Stopping by via Harriet’s June Challenge.

  14. Hannah

    I love icecream , lol

  15. ellen

    Not alot that I can’t eat, although I just dont like ice cream unless it is either soft serve or yougurt.
    I will say I dont care for chitlins because of the smell, and thats about it. I have a cast iron gut!

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