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Horizon Organic Eggs Review & Education

Horizon Organic Eggs ReviewThe incredible egg is a great source of protein and vitamin D. Great-tasting Horizon Organic® eggs come from cage-free hens that have the freedom to roam. They eat fresh 100% organic vegetarian feed and, of course, are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

We recently had the chance to try out Horizon Organic eggs in our household. My kids loved looking at the different sizes available. I let them choose two cartons. Although they wanted to immediately have them for dinner that night, we waited until the next morning.

The next morning, well I should say before dawn 'cause mommy doesn't in any way consider that the morning, the kids were up and begging for the eggs. We are definitely egg  lovers but I am always the one that picks out the eggs. I usually get the Eggland's Best so they really loved being able to pick out their own eggs.

We had scrambled eggs with toast and some bacon but the bacon was kind of left on the side. My family of six ate a dozen scrambled eggs in less than minutes flat. We liked them so much that we had the same meal that night for dinner. Horizon Organic eggs were a huge hit in my house.

What is Orgranic?What is OrganicOrganic refers to the way agricultural foods and fibers are produced and processed. It is a commitment to agricultural practices that strive for a balance with nature, using methods and materials that are of low impact to the environment. And the primary goal is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people.

Why Go Organic?Food produced without antibiotics, added growth hormones or pesticides means better health and a cleaner environment.

Who is Horizon Organic?Horizon Organic® is committed to expanding organic agriculture to ensure everyone is able to buy high-quality, great-tasting products that are produced without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones and dangerous pesticides.

Horizon Organic milk and dairy products can be an important part of a balanced diet and are produced without the use of added chemicals:

* No antibiotics
* No added growth hormones
* No dangerous pesticides
* No genetically modified organisms
* No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives
* No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

FAQ's about Horizon Organic® Eggs

Are Horizon Organic eggs fertilized?

The birds and bees tell us that eggs are not fertilized without roosters. Since there are no roosters on the egg farms, Horizon Organic eggs are not fertilized. Hens go through natural egg-laying cycles without fertilization. From day one, the chicks that organic egg producers raise are fed 100%, vegetarian, organic feed and are treated with the highest degree of humane standards, in accordance with organic regulations.

How long after the date on the carton are your eggs still good?

The date stamped on the carton is the “sell by” date. Horizon Organic eggs will stay good for up to 3 weeks past that date, as long as they are kept in their original carton and properly refrigerated at 45º F or less.

Are Horizon Organic eggs pasteurized or irradiated?

Horizon Organic eggs are neither pasteurized nor irradiated. Frozen eggs, egg substitutes, and some fresh eggs are pasteurized. Although the FDA has approved egg irradiation as a food safety measure, Horizon Organic eggs are not irradiated as this would be against USDA organic standards. Horizon Organic eggs are raw and, like all eggs, irradiated or not, they should not be consumed without cooking.

Can I freeze Horizon Organic eggs?

Freezing eggs is safe as long as the eggs are broken out of their shell and are fresh and clean. Before freezing, beat whole eggs just until blended, pour into freezer containers, seal the containers tightly, and label with the number of eggs and the date.

To freeze egg whites, separate the whites from the yolks and pour into a freezer container, seal the container, label with the number of egg whites and the date and freeze. Freezing yolks is a little more difficult because the yolk's gel-like properties cause it to thicken when frozen. If frozen as is, the yolk will eventually become so gelatinous it will be almost impossible to use. To help slow down this process, beat in either 1/8 tsp. salt or 1 ½ tsp. sugar or corn syrup per ¼ cup egg yolks (4 Large egg yolks). Label the container and freeze.

Hard-boiled egg whites and hard-boiled whole eggs become tough and watery when frozen, but hard-boiled yolks can be frozen to use later for toppings or garnishes. Cook them, drain them well and package for freezing. Thaw frozen eggs overnight in the refrigerator or under running cold water. Use as soon as they are thawed. Use thawed frozen eggs only in dishes that will be thoroughly cooked. Always use frozen eggs within a year.

Learn more about the other great products offered by Horizon Organic here.

A special thanks to MomFuse for hooking me up with these fabulosu eggs. We love them!!

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