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The Mommy Confessions – I Hate the Lower Case ‘K’

Victoria of Life Starring Ellie and Eve started this weekly series called The Mommy Confessions and I am participating. Anyone can join in.

I was a rowdy and wild good Catholic girl growing up. I learned cursive and loved phonics and even had nice handwriting (according to all of my teachers). Today printing is still my preference over cursive. But those nuns used to ride me about something in my penmanship that still haunts me to this day.

So here it is, my Friday confession: I cannot make a lower case ‘k' to save my life. I used to try to make lower case ‘K's. I tried hard and it has got to be some misfunction in my brain but no matter what I do, they all come out as capital ‘K's.

If you see me on the street, don't try to teach me because I cannot be taught. It is a block in my brain. Others have tried without success. I cannot draw a lower case ‘K.'

Now you have it. My mommy confession. What's yours?

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