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6 AC Maintenance Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Unit


6 AC Maintenance Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Unit

Your air conditioner is a machine that needs regular maintenance and servicing like any other. Besides boosting its performance, maintenance helps to retain ideal indoor air quality, reduces the spread of airborne viruses, improves the machine’s longevity, and makes it more energy-efficient while saving your recurring expenses.

Here are 6 maintenance tips for your air conditioner split system to improve its performance and lifespan.

1. Cleaning Air Filters

Carefully remove your unit’s casing, and take the filters out for cleaning in the fresh air. Using a vacuum, shed off the piles of dust and grime from the filters. Soak them in a warm liquid detergent solution. This will help to dislodge old debris. Rinse with water; as a final rinse, you may sanitize the filters in a diluted vinegar solution. Use an antibacterial spray to prevent bacteria/mould build-up. Replace the filters into position and test run to check if the system is running fine. Remember to replace worn-out filters.     

2. Clearing AC Drain

 Water may leak from the unit due to a blocked drain. Check for continuous drainage in the condensate tray. This tray is located under the indoor evaporator coil.  A vacuum can be used to suck out and clear the blockage in the condensate drain if it is within your access. Vacuuming restores the functioning of the AC drain. For more serious issues, remember to call an expert for inspection.

3. Dusting and Cleaning The Unit

 Use a soft microfibre cloth or duster to regularly wipe the exterior of your split system to prevent dust/dirt/molds from collecting on the surface. You can spray antibacterial solution into the cloth to clean the unit but never spray directly onto the system. Call a professional to clean any internal build-up that results in a foul smell and lowered unit performance.

4. Cleaning Air Outlets

 A split system has flaps that may collect dust when not in use. When the system is finally brought to use, the dust blows out into the air, causing discomfort and nasal irritation. The flaps are gentle structures that should be carefully handled during routine cleaning with a soft cloth.

5. Keeping The Area Around The Condenser Clean

The condenser is your split system’s outdoor unit that plays a key role in its proper functioning. Remember to clear the clutter from its surroundings and keep the space free from organic matter (like plants), boxes, equipment, tools, or anything that can negatively impact the airflow and efficiency of your system.

6. Check Controller Functions Every Once In A While

 Finally, you should routinely inspect your system, check controller functions when not in use, and test run the unit before it will be required to function extensively. Check for discharged batteries. Also, be alert to disconcerting sounds, and get them repaired in time.

All said and done, never hesitate to engage a professional to rectify serious system issues that lie outside your ambit. Draw up a list of maintenance tasks you can safely and effectively practice at home, and leave the rest to trained aircon technicians to handle.  

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