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How to Buy the Perfect Mattress

How to Buy the Perfect Mattress

I spent the first 25 years of my life not knowing much about mattresses. In fact, I am pretty sure that during that time, I never had a new mattress. All of my previous mattresses were hand me downs. Well there was that waterbed but that is a whole other blog post.

Back to the mattresses. I was young and not that informed about mattresses. Growing up, I had a double mattress for most of my life. And really, before my mid twenties, I cannot remember having a bad sleep. Although I am sure that I did.

Not getting a restful sleep was something that was much easier to deal with when I was younger. It really wasn't until about 26 that I really had a horrible night's sleep and decided that it was time to learn a little more about mattresses. At the time, I had a queen mattress that had lumps in it and kind of sunk in the middle. I bought a mattress topper and that worked for a year or so. By then my soon to be husband and I had moved in together. He was working long hours and my horrible mattress just wasn't working for him.

My husband is a researcher. He read everything he could find online about mattresses. He decided that we needed to test out mattresses. So we did our research. We decided to buy a king size mattress but we were also buying a new bed as well. This was our first house so we decided to buy all new furniture for our bedroom.

Sleeping young people in the bedroom

We spent weekend after weekend for months trying out new beds. We would go to stores and lay on the mattresses. There were so many brands. So many types. So many different levels of softness and firmness. And we really had no clue what we liked as a couple.

We took our time. We didn't let salespeople rush us. We didn't let them try to persuade us. We let our bodies tell us what mattresses we liked. Once we found what we liked, we were able to get it online for much less than any store.

We are now on our second mattress. We found that our tastes changed a little from the first mattress we bought but we used the exact same method to buy the second mattress. We couldn't be happier.

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  1. won

    I got my first grown up mattress at about age 39. My only regret is that the memory foam retains so much heat. If I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn’t.

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