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Teaching Your Kids How To Live More Sustainably


Teaching Your Kids To Live More Sustainably


Teaching Your Kids To Live More Sustainably


While raising children is one of the greatest joys we can experience in life, it's no easy feat! The undertaking of making sure our children become responsible, loving stewards of the Earth requires hard work and dedication as parents. It's easier to clean up after our children than spend an extra half hour teaching them to. It's easier to fold their laundry and put it away rather than help them learn how to fold their own and store it nice and tidy.


However, it's essential we not only take the time to teach young children to take care of themselves but their communities too. If you're ready to start helping your kids learn to live more sustainably, keep reading for easy, everyday ways to make it happen.


Grow a Garden! 


One of the most fun – albeit labor-intensive – ways to get your kiddos involved in improving the planet is to plant a garden together. You can start small with just a few tomato plants that require little TLC to flourish and produce fruit and then move on to more complex to-grow crops. Growing your own garden is not only a great activity to keep the family connected, but they're also excellent for the environment.


By growing plants and flowers native to your community, you're helping the pollinators. Plants native to your area also require less water and fertilization than their non-native counterparts. Not to mention, you're saving gas and emissions by cutting down on trips to the grocery store. 


Targeted Tasks 


Depending on the age of your children, specific tasks may not be doable for them. Even the youngest of kids, like toddlers, can get involved with simple, sustainable tasks. Recycling is an excellent example of an easy task. Get your kids to wash the jars and containers eligible for recycling, sort the recycling, and put them in appropriate bins. If they're five or older, they can likely help you bring the bins to the curb. Taking time to teach your children the importance of recycling and its impact on the environment gets them involved in the big picture and excited to live more sustainably. 


Upcycle With Crafts 


Kids love crafts, and most parents love getting involved in the fun – unless there's glitter! Another way to breathe new life into things that could get thrown away or recycled is by upcycling the goods into craft supplies. You likely buy sustainable paper towels, but when they're all gone, there are endless possibilities that the roll can become!


Empty jars or plastic take-out containers are great for storing craft supplies or turning them into something new. Even an empty milk gallon jug can become a fun make-believe mask with a pair of scissors and some paint. With summer upon us, it's a great time to spend your days making memories and art with your children – all in the name of sustainability!


Water Warriors 


There's no denying that beautiful memories are made playing with your children in the water. To enjoy the water more sustainably, think outside the box when it comes to your activities. Instead of a sprinkler running for an hour, fill a pool and splash to your heart's content. To reduce the need to refill the water, place a tarp over the play pool to keep bugs and debris at bay when you're finished.


Joining a community pool is also a great way to reduce your at-home water consumption and connect with like-minded individuals in your area. Kids get messy and often, as you well know. Cut down on multiple showers or baths a day and bathe your kids at night; wipe them down with eco-friendly wipes or washable towels during the day. If you're growing a garden, installing a rain barrel is a great way to collect water and let your children water your vegetables or flowers – not to mention an easy parlay to discussing water conservation. 


Taking care of the environment is essential for all parents, the peace of mind knowing we're leaving a healthy planet for our children and future grandchildren. While it takes time to teach your kids any lesson, involving them in the above mentioned products can get them excited about living more sustainably for life.

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