Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

As home prices skyrocket all over the country, homeowners look for ways to reduce their expenses. Owning your own home is the American dream, but with high mortgage payments and outrageous utility expenses, the price of that dream can be overwhelming. Fortunately, homeowners can take steps to reduce their costs and save money. If you’re looking to tighten the belt on your humble abode, we hope that this Home Maintenance Tips post inspires you. 

Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

Strive to lower your utility bills

Electricity, water, and gas bills can be surprisingly high, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions. Using a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. Taking shorter showers and installing low-flow toilets can also reduce utility bills.  If those savings aren’t steep enough for you, one of the best ways to reduce utility expenses is to install solar panels. Before moving forward with your solar panel installation, start by reading through a guide to solar, which will help you decide if solar energy is suitable for your home. With affordable solar panels and quick installation, the return on the investment comes faster than a solar minute. 

Maintain your home appliances

If your appliances start to give you trouble, you can save significant money by repairing them over replacing them. To save even more money, take time to maintain appliances properly. For example, if your refrigerator needs a new filter, install a new one. A few times per year, clean the coils on the back of your fridge. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your oven. Remember to clean the lint out of your clothes dryer.  A little TLC here and there can save you thousands down the road. New appliances often have price tags over $1,000, so essential maintenance and occasional repairs can keep that money in your wallet. 

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Install a water monitoring system

Since most water bills only come once every three months, leaking pipes or toilets can go undetected until the next bill arrives. Rather than leaving it up to your water bill to tell you about costly leaks, you can install a water monitoring system. These inexpensive systems will alert you to any leak, so you can fix it before it damages your drywall and floods your water bill.

Shop around for affordable homeowners insurance

Insurance rates fluctuate significantly from one company to the next. If you think your insurance bill is too high, make a few phone calls to find a lower rate. Ask your friends and colleagues about their insurance companies, as they might get a little reward for referring someone. Compare at least three companies before you make a decision. 

Bundle your insurance for added savings

To save money on insurance, consider bundling your home and auto insurance, as many companies offer discounts for having multiple policies. If you can afford to raise your deductible, you could see significant monthly savings. Don’t forget to ask your insurance agent if there is a way to lower your insurance costs before choosing a new company. 

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Check your subscriptions

Subscription services add up quickly. If you have cable, streaming TV services, Internet, and satellite radio services, you’re spending a lot of money each month on entertainment. Throw in your smartphone bill, and you could be spending over $500 monthly on subscription services. Evaluate what you use regularly and cancel the services you don’t. A $20 monthly subscription is $240 per year. Consider how much you could save by reducing your monthly entertainment expenses. 

Save for home improvement projects

Rather than taking out a loan for home improvements, be patient and save the money so you can pay cash. If you plan to live in your home for a while, there’s no reason to pay interest on home improvement projects. 

It’s exciting to trade rent for a mortgage and start building your equity, but it’s not without its costs. Following these tips can ensure your humble abode is a humble spender, too. We hope that this Home Maintenance Tips post inspires you.

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