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20 DIY Feather Craft Projects

20 DIY Feather Craft Projects20 DIY Feather Craft Projects

These 20 DIY Feather craft projects feature some of our favorites from around the blogosphere. Find all sorts of beautiful colors, amazing textures and ideas that you might not have considered. Some projects use real feathers while other projects use paint or other items to create feathers. Decorate your home in boho style or elevate your crafts with some of these handmade treasures. Let us know which one is your favorite by leaving us a comment below. Happy crafting!

20 DIY Feather Craft Projects

  1. DIY Feather Art from
  2. All That Glitters Should Be Sparkly Gold Feathers from
  3. Bohemian Feather Wreath For Fall from
  4. Pier 1 Inspired Halloween Feather Tree from
  5. Feather Sculptures from
  6. Anthropologie Inspired Watercolor Feather Pen from
  7. Pretty DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel from
  8. Easy Lamp Shade Update from
  9. Paper Feather Garland from
  10. DIY Feather Arrows from
  11. DIY Feather Wall Hanging from
  12. Feather Ball Ornament from
  13. Feather Earrings from
  14. DIY Bedside Catchall from
  15. Gold Leafed Feather DIY Gift Wrap from
  16. Winter Feather Wreath from
  17. Juju Hat DIY from
  18. DIY Feather Earrings from
  19. DIY Tribal Paper Feather Cupcake Topper from
  20. DIY Simple Feather Craft from

We hope that you loved our 20 DIY Feather Craft Projects.

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  1. ellen beck

    You come up with some of he most interesting crafts. Are you still doing Girl Scouts? I bet the kids loved these. There is something about working with feathers that is just fun!

  2. I have a plan to make DIY feather arrows. I never do it before, Hope I will do it perfectly.

  3. Mary Gardner

    These are such creative ideas. I especially like the feather ball ornament.

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