5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School Teacher Supplies

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School 5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School

Back to school season is here. Many kids have already started school, some of us are still getting ready. There is still time to prepare for back to school. I try to keep my sanity around this time of year, which means keeping things as simple as possible. SchoolSpecialty.com makes it super easy to get everything that you need without stepping foot into a store. We hope that you love these 5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School.

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School 1. Create a command center

As a parent, it is so important to be as organized as possible, which is why a command center is such a great idea. A command center can help you stay systematized throughout the school year. I like to keep all the kids’ different schedules at our command center. Need help getting your command center ready? Use these tools!

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School 2. Show the teacher a little support

Something we have done every year is show the teacher a little love. Don’t wait until Teacher Appreciation Day to show the teacher some love. We like to bring a little something for the teacher, during the school’s open house.  Check out these great ideas and tools to help support your child’s teacher.

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School 3. Go beyond the essentials for your student

Did you know there are things as parents we can do to prep our kids for back to school? Sure, the clothing and back to school supplies are great, but why not go above and beyond? There are some unique tools out there that you can provide your students, so they are just that much more prepared. Here are some unique tools for helping keep your student on track.

4. Don’t forget the down time

You know, it is so easy to get crazy busy that you forget to take some down time. Every day, after school, my kids and I spend some time doing things we love. Reading, listening to music, and eating a favorite snack of ours. Down time is important to help you get the rest you need to keep going.

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to School 5. Take advantage of educational tools and supplies available

Go beyond the basics and use SchoolSpecialty.com to help you prep for back to school. Back to school is happening for parents, teachers, and students, so make sure everyone is prepping to the best of their ability.

5 Tips for Preparing for Back to SchoolGet more with SchoolSpeciality.com

My kids are super excited to head back to school. I’m  thrilled to have all these unique tools and tips to help us get through the upcoming school season. Back to school takes more than crayons, markers, and a book – it takes a plethora of resources to help us all get through. SchoolSpecialty.com has a great selection, beyond pencils and crayons to help parents, teachers, and students prepare for a great new school year!

Getting Your At-Home Command Center BTS Ready

Unique Tools for Getting Students BTS Ready

Practical BTS Tools for Teachers

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How do you prepare for back to school?

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38 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. A command center is a must have! The biggest road block to staying organized during the school year is time. If you can have a central area, you’ll save time, which helps keep you sane and organized.

  2. We need to work on a command center. I have the kids backpacks / jackets / shoes in one place, but I also need to set up a homework place. So easy for it to get cluttered over the summer when the kids aren’t in a school routine.

  3. Great ideas!
    We always bring a gift for the teacher on Meet the Teacher night.
    A small gesture goes a long way.

  4. I love the idea of bringing gifts for the teachers on Meet the Teacher nights! The idea of the command center is also AWESOME. It is great that there would be one central location to ensure that everything is where it should be and organized.

  5. Ahh! A command center is a great idea. This totally eliminates any stress! Those last second scrambles to stay on track are a thing of the past! WONDERFUL!

  6. Awesome advice! Down time is super important, especially when getting used to the new school routine!

  7. Claudia Krusch

    I love the idea of a command center. I will have to set one up this weekend. The summer seemed to just fly by. I can not believe it is back to school time already.

  8. I like the idea of having a command center. Thanks for sharing the link to make one.

  9. Those are great tips for back to school. I agree that it’s important to include down time in kids’ busy schedules.

  10. Kathy

    I love all these great tips. Having a command center is a really good idea too. I also love the idea of bringing extra stuff for the teacher.

  11. Victoria Heckstall

    I really like these tips. I really like the idea on having a command center. I will definitely check this out.

  12. I am not familiar with schoolspeciality.com but I will definitely check it out. I’m all for providing kids with variety to help keep them motivated.

  13. Having a central location for all things school-related will probably help a lot. We never did that but we should have!

  14. Downtime is really important to have after school. I don’t make my girls immediately jump into homework or chores after they’ve been in a classroom for 8 hours. They need a breather and time to just let their brains relax for a bit.

  15. Pam

    These are great tips for back to school. It’s important to have a command center so you can keep everything organized.

  16. Meagan

    These are some great suggestions. It’s so great to be prepared before you need things.

  17. This is a great list! It is great to have all the tools at hand today, schoolspecialty.com sounds like it’s needed.

  18. Our Family World

    These are all cool ideas to get things running smoothly in this period of back to school chaos. The Command Center is a fantastic idea. I wish I thought of that when my kids were still in school.

  19. It totally helps to have everything in one place, that way you can keep track of all the supplies. I also think it’s important that we support our teachers, they buy their own supplies and spend more from their own pockets.

  20. I don’t have kids but these are great tips! It’s really important that you have everything you need and then some for the kids. It’s nice to make sure that you have extras throughout the year!

  21. Supporting the teacher is huge. Too many people start out with a chip on their shoulder towards the teacher when in reality, connecting with them will help your child so much more.

  22. The downtime is very important. Kids get stacked with so much during school, they need time to let their brains relax.

  23. I’ve never heard of school specialty before! It sounds quite handy since back to school can be a handful!

  24. I’ve tried the Buddha Board before and it is so much fun! What a great list of items you’ve curated here… but still, I think the Buddha Board is my fave!

  25. School started here two weeks ago and I was SOOO unorganized! I think I will call “start over” this coming week and try to get myself organized! 

  26. Lisa Bristol

    We are almost ready for back to school. I will have to make a command center on the weekend. It is a great way to keep everyone on the same page.

  27. TColeman

    These are such great tips. Making sure there is down time along with all the bustle is so important.

  28. You better believe we are going to put together a command center to keep everyone on the same page this year. That is a really great idea to try out.

  29. Kristi

    I am determined to be more organized this year and keep it that way the whole school year. Will see how successful I am in the next couple months.

  30. Amy Desrosiers

    As a former teacher, I can attest that supporting your child’s teacher is so important. I know my kids have new teachers and we are excited to meet them.

  31. I absolutely want a command center in our new house! I think we could all benefit from it!

  32. A command center really helps everyone stay focused and organized. I love all the supplies you selected for your own. They’re so fun and colorful!

  33. Those are some really great points! I totally agree about the command center is an important center for all school needs

  34. Heather

    How is summer over already? It went by so quickly! We’ve been working these last few weeks of summer to get back on routines. Next, we need to work on getting reorganized.

  35. These tips are really helpful! Back to school preparation is one of the busiest times of the year. Glad you shared your tips!

  36. Jenna Wood

    I just ordered Astrobrights this week- a must have for school presentations, so fun! My biggest tip is to get a full night’s sleep before that first day of school!

  37. I think the downtime aspect you shared is really important!  So many kids are over scheduled (and parents, too) that it’s really crucial to take a step back and relax.  Great list!

  38. Brianne

    I love these tips for back to school. I agree its important to show your teacher support as well! 

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