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Travel with Kids: 7 Natural Wonders of the United States

Travel with Kids: 7 Natural Wonders of the United States

Travel with Kids: 7 Natural Wonders of the United States

The natural world is filled with so many wonders and beautiful sights that we really should take every opportunity to see as many of them as possible. In the United States alone, there are several natural wonders that people travel to see every year. Kids enjoy visiting these natural wonders as much as their parents do, so with them in mind, it’s a great idea to find some natural sites that capture their interest.

The following are seven natural wonders of America that kids will enjoy seeing and that you can plan a family vacation around.

7 Wonders Niagara Falls


The Niagara Falls have been a popular destination for countless generations of families that are in search of natural beauty. Stateside, the falls and the area around it fall in a protected park, so there is very little development and the entire family can explore the falls, upstream and downstream portions of the river and the forest surrounding it. Visit both during the day and in the evening when the falls are lit up by a colorful light show that is sure to amaze children.

Sequoia Trees in Big Basin Redwoods State Park


Children are generally amazed by things that are larger than them, and in the Redwood Forest of CA, children can get up close and personal with trees that are awe inspiring to many. Redwoods need to be growing foam long time to reach their full height and width, so this is a great time to talk about conserving what remains of untouched forests while children try to figure out how many of them it takes to go around.

7 Wonders Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is an international destination, attracting thousands of visitors to its gates every day. Kids will be awed by the sheer size, drop and length of the canyon, and the fact that they cannot see where it ends. There are a lot of kid friendly hiking options and activities hosted by the park rangers that families can all participate in together.

7 Wonders Everglades Florida


The Everglades of Florida cover some of the most protected area of the country, threatened constantly by development and the influx of people establishing their homes in the area. Not a swamp, but a freshwater river, the Everglades make up one of the most unique ecosystems you’ll ever come across. Organize air boat rides for the most adventure, swamp tours can also be arranged around almost any theme and activity level.

Delecate Arch at Sunset


Arches is one of the most photographed areas of the southwest, on account of the impressive rock formations that have been left behind by years of rain and wind. Take a hike with the family to see some of the most impressive formations during the day and then return at night to do some stargazing and count shooting stars.

7 Wonders Carlsbad Caverns


The Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico have some of the most impressive cave formations found in the country. The Big Room Cavern is the third largest cavern in America and can fit huge groups of guests comfortably. Kid friendly tours through the cave are given every day, and more adventurous options are available to those that want an exciting, dirtier trip into the caves.



While no volcano is entirely safe, there are a few active volcanoes like, Kilauea, that are safe enough for visitors to view from a distance. Road trips up to the summit are easily done using the special access road, which is a great lesson for kids in how volcanoes change the landscape around them. Once at the top, active lava flows can be identified and viewed for movement. It’s amazing how fast you can go from snowy peaks, lava flows and then sunny beach on the big island of Hawaii

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