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Best Attractions in Washington DC

Best Attractions in Washington DCBest Attractions in Washington DC

Washington D.C. is a very important part of our country. After all, it is the capital of the United States, it is home to the President of the United States, and there is so much history within this city. If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit where you can learn so much about the country that we are a part of, this is the place to be. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the most amazing and fascinating places to visit in Washington, D.C. We hope that you love this Best Attractions in Washington DC post.

Best Attractions in Washington DC

1. Newseum

This attraction is just what it sounds like, a museum all about the News. The Washington D. C. Newseum museum is an interactive experience that is all about news from the current day back to years and years of the history of our country. It is truly incredible to learn about how we have progressed over the years as a country.

2. Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is 555 ft tall and it was built to honor our very first President of this country, George Washington. The monument is the tallest Stone structure in the world and you can take an elevator up to the top for a beautiful view of the city.

3. Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial was built to honor our 16th President of the United States, you guessed it…President Abraham Lincoln. This one is extremely hard to miss as it is a 19 foot tall statue of the president sitting down in which he sits inside the Lincoln Memorial.

4. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

There are a few different Holocaust museums in the country but I personally believe that the one in Washington, D.C. is the greatest of all of them. The Holocaust was a horrible time in this world but the museums that have been created to honor the victims is extremely interesting and fascinating to see.

Best Attractions in Washington DC

5. The U.S. Capitol

The United States Capitol building hosts our United States Congress and the Legislative Branch of our government. You can book a tour of the building and learn all about the structure itself and another really cool option is watching our United States Congress in session.

6. Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

The NASM or National Air & Space Museum is a museum that is dedicated to our Space explorations and research over the years. There are hands on interactions for kids to recreate moments of our space history and it really is a very interesting place to visit. Space is a huge undiscovered place and the more we learn about it, the more interesting it becomes.

7. World War II Memorial

World War II is one of the most well known and largest Wars that we have fought in this Country. In Washington, D.C. there is a huge memorial dedicated to all of those brave men and women that fought their hearts out in the battle for our Country.

8. The White House

I'm sure you all know what the White House is. It is the home to the current President of the United States of America and it is a beautiful sight to see. You can schedule a tour completely free of charge to see where the President lives and what it is like on the inside of that huge house however, you will want to schedule it as far as head as you can.

Washington D.C. is a phenomenal city and if you have never been, it is definitely a great place to visit. It is such an important part of our country and there is so much to learn from visiting. If you are looking for a great vacation spot for people of all ages, I would highly highly recommend looking into booking a trip to Washington, D.C. We hope that you are inspired by this Best Attractions in Washington DC post. Happy travels!Best Attractions in Washington DC

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