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Having Systems in Place

Systems for automation are in our lives in many different ways. Did you know that automation systems exist in pretty much every thing that we buy today? From the stores we shop in to the places we visit, the chances are very high that automation has played a part in getting products to us and the chances are even higher that automation has made our lives much easier as well as made a profound impact on how we live.

A lot of times many of these automated systems are in place and we barely even notice or recognize that automated technology has made such a profound impact in our lives.

Something as simple as a conveyor system can make ourselves easier at places like the grocery store or even Fedex or UPS. Could you imagine what mail service was like before automation? We all know about the Pony Express but imagine the work that went behind actually putting that together and getting the mail out.

Have you ever ordered  goods online or by phone from Sam's or Costo or even from Walmart or Amazon? These stores utilize a picking system to gather up the items from your order and get them to you in a timely fashion.

Automated technology is such a wonderful thing, isn't it?
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