Handling Big Life Changes
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Handling Big Life Changes

Handling Big Life Changes

Life is full of beautiful and intimidating changes. People begin new journeys when they do things like get married, lose their jobs, and graduate from college. Remember to keep these eight things in mind when you have a big life change so nothing slips your mind and presents new challenges. Feeling caught up in significant changes is normal, but it can distract people from essential steps that keep things moving forward. Use these tips to take care of yourself and your loved ones no matter what happens in the future. We hope that this Handling Big Life Changes post inspires you. 

Handling Big Life Changes

Handling Big Life Changes

Change is Normal

Routine creates safety and assurance. The brain prefers to deal with what it knows than face uncertainty. Change poses a risk, which human survival instincts recognize as a danger. Feeling unsure about coming changes generates a strong alert response within the limbic system, causing a biological rejection of change before it ever happens. When you feel this fear, remind yourself that change is normal. Life never stays the same for long and that’s okay. You’ll learn from whatever happens and become stronger because of it.

Call Your Bank

Everyone should call their bank before and after moving. They could lock your debit or credit cards because they notice large or recurring out-of-town purchases. Let them know you’ll be out of state and update your account with your new address as soon as possible. It’s an essential thing to keep in mind when you have a big life change because no one should lose access to the funds they need to eat or keep a roof over their heads.

Guide to Life Insurance

Update Your Life Insurance

After you celebrate the birth of your child, get a few life insurance quotes while they nap. Research shows that raising a child costs over $230,000, which your partner or assigned caregivers might not be able to provide if you pass away. Find or update your life insurance policy to include money for your child’s welfare if you aren’t around to take care of them anymore. Get term life insurance quotes today. 

Remember Your Mail

If you switch apartment units or move to a new house, remember to update your mailing address before or after your move. The United States Postal Service (USPS) will send everything to your new address even if your mail goes to your old house. You’ll never miss an important bill or a package from loved ones while you update your accounts and tell loved ones where you moved.


Plan for Delayed Paychecks

New jobs are some of the most common life changes. When you start working with a new employer, plan for a delayed first paycheck. It could take longer than two weeks to register you with the company’s payroll department and send a physical copy of your first check. It might also go to the wrong address if you haven’t forwarded your mail. Planning for a small delayed paycheck means saving up a little extra money before changing jobs or moving. You’ll have an emergency fund waiting if your first check doesn’t reach you before bills arrive or you need to go grocery shopping. 

Reflect on Your Dreams

When life changes, reflect on your dreams. Are there new exciting opportunities for you? You could relocate near a community college that has a unique degree program. You might open a business that your new town doesn’t have yet. It’s important to have dreams and make healthy adjustments to them as life goes on. Look into how local resources or new opportunities can expand your hobbies or turn your dreams into realities. An unexpected event or change of pace could make your goals possible and give you new ideas for your future.

Settle Into a Routine

Change is destabilizing, but routine can help with that. Familiarity is comforting even if you’re the kind of person who prefers a life without schedules. You need to set into the new routine the moment long distance movers leave. Familiarity is comforting even if you’re the kind of person who prefers a life without schedules. It’s comforting to know basic things like when you’ll eat your meals and how you’ll spend your time. As you settle into a new routine, give yourself time to adjust. Even if you love your new home or city, it takes time to get familiar with everything. Sometimes people feel at home after a few weeks and other times, it could take years. Avoid holding yourself to an arbitrary time frame while you find a new routine.


Learn From Mistakes

Learning from mistakes is a powerful form of self-growth. Sometimes life changes after a big mistake and that’s okay too. Turn it into a lesson by reflecting on what happened. What would you do differently if you could go back in time?  Reflection results in growth, which could mean the difference between creating a future you love and repeating the same mistakes.

Talk With Loved Ones

Keep these eight things in mind when you have a big life change and talk with your loved ones. They may have experienced similar changes. They’ll point out important things you should know and recommend potential steps forward so you live the life you want, no matter what happens along the way.

We hope that this Handling Big Life Changes post inspires you. Good luck!

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