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Secret Style Session at Blogher

For years I have lived in yoga pants. I love them. I am comfortable in them and have too many pairs to count. At least 25+ pairs. Mostly in black.

My sister likes to call all of my yoga pants my uniform as I usually pair them with a t-shirt. Often a white t-shirt and occasionally in varying colors. But the exact same t-shirt that I have been buying from Target (along with the pants) for years.

I was excited to see this opportunity for the upcoming Blogher Conference:

Moms Fashion File ( a fashionable collaboration between SassyMomsintheCity, SavvySassyMoms andMomsTrends) will be hosting a very special style suite where we will be conducting a limited number “Style Sessions” for some very lucky bloggers!   If you would like to WIN a ”Style Session” in the suite here is what you need to do!

I am in desperate need a “Style Session” with Moms Fashion File and their secret agents. I could really use the help.

I have lost some weight in the #Mamavation campaign and I plan to continue to lose more weight after it is over. My problem is that I am positive I will not change my uniform.

I will still continue to wear what I have been wearing for years.

This is where @momsfashionfile and the Secret Style session from Blogher can help! I could really use the help of a stylist. Someone to change my uniform around a little.

Make me a little less soccer mom and a little more hot mama!

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  1. Guess what I’m wearing? Black yoga pants! These are the GAP version, a tasteful capri length! 😉

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