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Finding time to check-off your to-do list

Finding time to check-off your to-do list #ECCUMoments

As someone who is always on the go, I really tend to need solutions that work for me and I still don't always find enough minutes in the day to accomplish everything on my to-do list. Isn't it about time to ditch busyness and pursue purpose?

Finding time to check-off your to-do list #ECCUMomentsDitch Busyness and Pursue Purpose with ECCU’s Mobile App

Raise your hand if you ever feel:

  • overscheduled
  • overworked
  • overwrought

If so, then definitely keep reading…

If you find yourself feeling like there are too many hours in the day and not enough time to accomplish everything, then you need ECCU.  Swap long lines at the bank for ECCU’s mobile app that lets you pay a person or a bill while you’re on the go, deposit a check, find an ATM and transfer money between accounts in just a few seconds.

Finding time to check-off your to-do list #ECCUMomentsAbout ECCU

For over 50 years, ECCU has been providing banking services to churches, Christian schools, other evangelical ministries, individuals and missionaries in more than 100 countries. ECCU is a member-owned financial cooperative that uses member deposits to fuel Christ-centered ministry around the world and invests profits back into social causes.

With ECCU, your money does more than earn a good interest rate for you. It helps fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide by providing loans to churches and low-cost banking services to missionaries and Christian organizations. Call it the intersection of faith and financial planning. Since 2005, ECCU has awarded $4.58 million in grants to ministries while fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

Finding time to check-off your to-do list #ECCUMomentsCross more of your to-do list with ECCU mobile banking

Since banking with ECCU is so convenient, the new mobile banking app makes everything so much easier. Deposit a check, pay a bill or quickly locate the closest ATM. Spend less time banking and more time on the things that matter in your life.

As a member, you can your accounts at more than 5,000 shared branches nationwide and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the United States – the third-largest domestic network. And worldwide, members can access millions of ATMs in more than 100 countries.

Learn more about ECCU mobile banking

Now I can spend less time banking and more time on what matters and so can you with ECCU.

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  1. I find myself often being so busy yet never able to get anything done. This year I’m really trying to make sure I’m doing things with a purpose in mind and not just out of habit.

  2. Mobile banking is something I couldn’t go without. A secure app that is convenient is a first ‘must’ in choosing a financial institution to me.

  3. Rosey

    Investing in social causes is almost always a good thing. Happy to hear about ECCU.

  4. What a great way to start getting your to-do list done, appreciate the idea here for sure! I need to get more focus on my daily to-do now that I am home full time!

  5. It’s such an advantage to have mobile banking. Finding easier ways to complete everyday and occasional tasks frees up the time for much-needed breaks.

  6. Crystal

    Being able to deposit a check on my phone has changed my life. Okay, that may be a little dramatic. But man, it takes a load of my mind being able to get so much down at home.

  7. So many of us are so busy!
    Mobile banking sure sounds like a great concept.

  8. Sometimes we can be busy but not productive. Glad there’s an app for that

  9. I’m all about finding time to do less of those tasks that don’t need my full attention. This is a great way to free up your time to do other stuff

  10. Our lives are so busy these days, aren’t they? Banking smarter and easier is definitely high on the list

  11. If it wasn’t for my bank’s app, I’d be lost.
    I move money from savings, to checking, to business accounts with a few taps on my phone.

  12. Love this! I can use a tool like this with my busy schedule! Thanks for sharing!

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