T-Mobile Celebrates 2021 Pride virtually and in person

T-Mobile Celebrates 2021 Pride


T-Mobile Celebrates 2021 PrideThis T-Mobile Celebrates 2021 Pride post is sponsored by T-Mobile. 


T-Mobile Celebrates 2021 Pride

Last month I posted about T-Mobile’s Changemaker Challenge, and you may remember me saying that although we are new customers to T-Mobile, we've always been fans of their Un-carrier mantra! And, happily, when they merged with Sprint, we automatically became T-Mobile customers. this time T-Mobile celebrates 2021 Pride virtually and in person with the community.

I especially love that T-Mobile is always focused on giving back to the community! This month is no different. T-Mobile celebrates 2021 Pride virtually and in person by participating in Pride events all around the country. As the mother and aunt of LGBTQ+ kids, I am very familiar with Pride and the various celebrations that take place. I love seeing all the wonderful Pride messaging and think this should be focused on all year. T-Mobile gets that too as they champion diversity, equity and inclusion year-round.





T-Mobile and Pride

Pride definitely looks a little different for the second year in a row. Although a lot of places are opening back up around the United States, the majority of events seem to still be virtual events. Not everyone is comfortable going out yet so Pride has adapted for that as well.  

For the past several years (pre-covid), I have been a part of the Pride celebration through my sister's employer and we were fortunate enough to walk in the parade which is such an amazing experience!

And it thrills me that T-Mobile is taking part in the Pride celebration this year too by participating in several virtual Pride events as they share their unstoppable pride for LGBTQ+ employees and allies. 

I always love seeing the super cool T-Mobile employees in all that bright magenta. The top picture above shows just how fun the T-Mobile crew is!

One of our favorite Harry Styles quotes is below. We love it because it really shares how celebs are supporting and showing up as allies to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in the mainstream media. Download our FREE Printable Pride Quote:



Rainbow Pride Month Quote Instagram Post



Not only does T-Mobile support this important community year round, they also champion causes like LGBTQ+ youth from GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign and more. To celebrate, T-Mobile furthered its longstanding support of organizations that serve LGBTQ+ youth with a $1 million donation to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s new financial and digital literacy initiatives AND a $250,000 donation to GLSEN’s mission to make schools a safer and more inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students. 

The funds from the donation will support GLSEN’s year-round initiatives and events that provide students grades K-12 with a safe, supportive, and LGBTQ-inclusive education, including the Rainbow Library, Respect Awards 2021-2022, Day of Silence, and Solidarity Week! As a mom, it’s so heartwarming to see their commitment to kids.

Don’t forget to check out our previous T-Mobile post: T-Mobile Celebrates Young Innovators with the Changemaker Challenge

NYC Pride T-Mobile

T-Mobile Pride Logo


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You can visit TMobile.com to learn more about the company and their community initiatives.

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  1. I love that T-Mobile is supporting the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve come so far in this country, but unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go.

  2. I have T-mobile so this is wonderful. I like when companies support things.

  3. How awesome is it that T-Mobile are getting so behind Pride. I always think it shows such a good side to a company. 

  4. Monica Simpson

    We have T-mobile. We’ve always had great experiences with them.

  5. I love that T-Mobile is doing this. It’s important for companies to be inclusive!

  6. What a fun celebration, and a great way to support and include everyone.

  7. It’s nice when big companies support different causes such as Pride. Inclusiveness is what we all need in this world.

  8. It is so amazing to see a company that supports these programs year-round and not just in June.

  9. I love to see companies giving back – and how great that we can finally get out and celebrate!

  10. It’s great to see T-Mobile taking its role as a corporate citizen seriously and supporting Pride efforts across the country. I look forward to the day when there is no longer a need for these celebrations because LGBTQ will be completely normal and accepted.

  11. In my life I have struggled a lot to find my sexuality, but I never wanted labels. Men and women attract me equally, but I don’t define myself and I don’t like pride. I am for the respect of every human being that I wish to receive as I give indifferently, but I do not agree with all this “show”


    I’m with T-Mobile. I wasn’t aware that they supported this but I think it is great that they do.

  13. I love that T-mobile is showing support for the LGBTQ community! Great way to lead and spread love.

  14. Kimmy

    I really love T-Mobile!

  15. It is really great to see the outpouring of support during the month of pride, however it would be even better to see it become a part of the landscape of everyday life not just a monthly celebration.

  16. We have T-Mobile and absolutely love it. It’s important that that companies are inclusive. 

  17. Harry Styles is right in that quote. we’re all a little gay

  18. I love the color they chose! I also love T-mobile’s service.

  19. Karen

    I have T-mobile, don’t always love their coverage in my area, but was so happy to read that they are giving back to our community! Makes spotty coverage less important.

  20. Samantha

    That’s nice they are supporting, I hope they do it all year and not just during one month!

  21. Bella

    How awesome is this?!! that so great they are doing this! love the quotes

  22. It is great to see big companies jump on the wagon of what is the right thing to do when it comes to human rights and human decency.

  23. This looks like such a fun event, how amazing! I think it’s so great when big companies do events like this!

  24. Happy Pride Month!!!~ I miss going to the pride parades, hopefully, next year.

  25. Inclusivity and open-mindedness will go a long way. Leading from a place of curiosity is a great character trait.

  26. Carmen

    We’ve been T-Mobile customers for many years now. I appreciate that they put customer satisfaction as a top priority. I’m also looking forward to their home internet service coming to my area.

  27. I love when companies such as T-mobile take a stand for important cause such as the LGBTQ community

  28. I love that shirt! So nice that T-Mobile celebrates diversity and inclusivity. It’s a big kudos for them!

  29. That is so awesome of them. I love that they are setting the pace to embrace diversity and to love each other as they are. Way to go, T-Mobile!

  30. This is great! Looks like a fantastic Pride celebration!

  31. Hihi…Harry didn’t lie there, you know! I love what T-Mobile is doing with gender and inclusivity here! Kudos! Keep it up!

  32. Melissa Cushing

    I have T-Mobile as well for their wonderful services. I love that they are supporting causes as well 😉

  33. It’s good to see brands supporting such good things!

  34. Chastity

    I am a customer of T-mobile and I have loved what the company is all about. This makes me even more proud that they can support and show love to all.

  35. Sara

    I always love to hear of big companies supporting important causes!

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