5 Items to Never Buy On Black Friday

5 Items to Never Buy On Black Friday

5 Items to Never Buy on Black Friday

Although Black Friday is known for incredible deals, there are certain items that you should avoid at all costs. Some of these are masked by sticker prices that look better than they truly are. Some items are simply not set up to be discounted due to margins. Either way, it is important to look closely at the things you are buying, no matter the sale price. Here are five items that you should generally avoid on Black Friday and why:

1. Toys

Although you certainly can find the odd toy here and there on Black Friday, the vast majority of them will be overpriced. The cheapest time to buy toys is in the off-season or the two weeks prior to Christmas day. This is when the prices are at their lowest. The downside to this is that selection as low as well. If you are willing to risk it, you can find some incredible steals during this two-week period.

2. Expensive Electronics

The 72 inch television you have wanted all year is probably not going to be a great bargain on Black Friday. Brand-name televisions and high-end electronics in particular are generally left out of the Black Friday sales. This is usually because there is not much margin in the high-end electronics. The idea is to sell the television with minimal profit and the accessories with high profits. Think of the television and high-end electronics as bait. Who knew that all the profit was in the little stuff?

3. Christmas Decorations and Trees

Just like you might expect, Black Friday heralds the coming of Christmas. Although Christmas might be in the air, that does not mean that Black Friday is the day to partake in the purchasing. Christmas decorations and even trees will almost certainly be overpriced. They will put these out to count on impulse buyers justifying the purchase.

4. Watches and Jewelry

It would seem that Black Friday would be a good time for jewelry buys and the lower end stuff probably is. The high end stuff will be marked down but still high in comparison to the rest of the year. The only time you might pay more would be around Valentine’s Day. Stick with purchasing these types of items during the slow buying times to find your best deals.

5. Winter Clothes

Buying winter clothes in the dead of winter is not a good combination for saving money. Black Friday is no exception. You should stick with buying winter apparel during the spring when stores are trying to get rid of the cold weather items. This is yet another item that Black Friday retailers will count on to boost their sales profits. They have to make up the profit somewhere from that handful of great deals they offer on other items.

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