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Be Prepared for These Things to Return This Year

Be Prepared for These Things to Return This YearBe Prepared for These Things to Return This Year

No one knows when the pandemic will be officially over. We don’t even know what that means. There will be no formal announcement that it is all over. That is simply not going to happen. What we can know is that many of the restrictions that exist in a lot of heavily populated cities will be lifted. Safety measures will be rolled back. Rules will be relaxed.

Thanks to effective vaccines already being deployed, we have very good reasons to believe that life will return to normal sometime this year. Just be prepared for it to be a modified kind of normal. You will get out a lot more often. But you will be wearing a mask when you do. You can soon buy an active smart mask that monitors your breathing and lets you know when to change the filter. Yes, now your mask has an app.

It is among all things possible that everything that closed in 2020 will remain closed till 2022. The vaccine rollout is not exactly moving apace. Some things will be a last-minute call. But here are the things you might want to prepare for later in the year:


It is almost certain that Apple’s WWDC will be virtual as it was in 2021. CES is being produced as a virtual event right now. That covers two of the biggest tech events on the calendar. Those events are always scheduled in the first half of the year. The second half of the year is still up in the air. But all signs point to the possibility that some smaller conventions will be held in person.

If you don’t have one already, get your 10 x 20 pop up canopy. And be sure to have it customized with your business name and colors. You might not get as much notice this year about when the events will begin. Just know that other companies will be preparing. And those that make it to the shows are likely to be well rewarded for their foresight.

Even if the live events don’t pan out for later this year, they will certainly arrive early next year. As more people prepare for conventions and expos, they will be draining the supplies and leaving shortfalls in their wake. Now is the time to get in and order the canopies for your event spaces while there is time.


If the vaccine rollout ramps up as hoped, all those canceled vacations from last year will be on this year. Disney World will be open for business. The Magic Kingdom will have long lines and long wait times. Worse will be the overbooked hotels. If you want the whole Disney experience, you are going to have to book early.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a big, family vacation. If your family is typical, it has been through a lot more in 2020 than you could have expected. 2021 is also starting with quite a bang. R&R is more necessity than option. And the R&R hotspots will be going fast. It is best to make your reservations now. Just get vacation insurance in case things don’t pan out the way you hoped.


Lovers of American football are being asked to swallow a huge compromise. The college championship will feature two teams with a perfect record. But one of them has played about half the games. Pro football has suffered as well. The leagues are mostly playing to empty stadiums. Because football is a fall and winter sport, there is an excellent chance fans will be able to fill the stadiums again.

What you can expect is to find every game sold out early, even the less interesting games. Fans of all sports will take every opportunity to buy tickets to games. If there are crowd limitations, that is all the more reason to start sourcing your tickets right now.

After a year of lockdown for all intents and purposes, a lot of life will be reopened this year. Act now and get prepared for in-person events, vacations, and sports.

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