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Super Buddies Review

super_buddies_poster(Note to readers: I was hosted by Disney Studios to help review and promote the movie. I was not otherwise compensated and my opinions remain my own.)

When I went to LA last month for the premier of Disney’s PLANES movie, one of the additional highlights of the trip was getting to meet one of the pups from the Super Buddies movie, the latest in the ‘buddies’ series of talking puppies.

The movie is officially released on August 27 and you can bet my eight-year old daughter was counting down the days until that movie showed up on our doorstep. She couldn’t wait to see Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud back in action, kicking tail while keeping us all laughing.

In this movie, the dogs discover mysterious rings that, when worn like a collar, give them a unique super power (I want a ring like that!). Of course, they work their way through the drama and teach their fans that if you can work together, you can do anything. You don’t even need the super powers to make it happen.

My daughter invited a friend over to watch the movie and they had it in the blu-Ray DVD player seconds after her pal arrived. Neither one of them were crazy about the aliens that appeared as part of the plot, but they were beyond thrilled to see the puppies in capes and, of course, thought Rosebud was best. You just can’t beat that hot pink cape.

It just so happens I got to meet the real pup who plays Rosebud while on the trip to LA. This dog is actually a boy (oh, the shock and horror in that!), named Cooper, in real life. My child was stunned to learn that Disney has to use different dogs for each series, because they have to be a certain size.

I learned all kinds of other interesting info about the dogs while interviewing the trainer, Roy Beal, about how the dogs get ready for a movie and exactly how the dogs are even selected to play the roles. The question my daughter had me ask him: How do you get the dogs to talk? Well, he explained that it’s all about training the dogs to move very slowly and stand still when needed. Then, computer animation works its magic.

Boy or girl, I have to admit Cooper, AKA Rosebud, was a super sweet pup, with special superpowers of melting hearts, just like a baby. Just look at that face. Pretty adorable, right?

Check out the event pics:


super_baby rosebud_ready rosebud_cradled

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