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Where do you go for support and advice?

A lot of my life during the past year has been about fitness and trying to attempt to live a healthier lifetstyle. I have always found it very helpful to read about actual experiences and to get advice from people who have been where I am or are currently where I am at with regards to diet and exercise.

I recently found this forum and have been scouring this forum reading all of the information regarding Diet & Exercise. While there are several other great topics,

I found this Power Walking thread to be particular interesting. Power walking is something that I have been wanting to get into but I always seem to end up just walking rather than putting the “power” part into it. It has been great to read these threads to get some advice from people who are doing it every day. That is actually what keeps me coming back.

Where do you go for support and advice?

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  1. ellen

    I am a walker too- used to be runner, but, found out health-wise there is little difference & walking has fewer injuries!
    I go to Leslie Sansone’s site for advice- support? I am my own support system- I dont have sisters or alot of friends around so I go it alone. I am seriously thinking of joining mamavation but am worried I am too old 🙁

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