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Life is Sweet – 10 Years – Pepperidge Farm Milano Moments Help Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Today is my ten year wedding anniversary. Yep, that is right. Ten years.

My husband and I had a special anniversary dinner planned. The problem? Neither one of us planned for a babysitter.

So we decided to schlep all three of kids to the restaurant for a nice, romantic meal. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

We sat in a booth in the bar area (they have some great specials and there is no smoking in our state) and started to look at the menu. This is normal sized booth that would fit four adults but with our three children, we usually have no problem fitting with the right set up. We even planned who would sit with who on the way there.

The plan was that the two girls (ages 3 & 5) would sit with me and my son (age 7) would sit with my husband. Great plan, right? Well in theory it WAS perfect but in the  life of a three year old, it is very common to like one parent more than the other an any given day.

This was not Mommy's day.

The three year old doesn't want to sit with me so she is sitting with her dad. Plus each kid brought in some toys from the car. So during the middle of the mayhem, when the kids were playing all over the table, clearly using OUTSIDE voices and the beginnings of some fighting was going on, I look over at my husband.

I should have taken a picture.

He was squashed in the middle of the two kids (kind of like the middle seat on an airplane where you have no elbow room) and he looked like he was about to cry (I am certain kind of positive that he would have held those tears in until we got home).

He looked miserable. Uncomfortable.

I just started to laugh. I laughed until I cried. There were tears streaming down my face.

The thing is, this is our life. A nice, quiet dinner? Kids at home with a babysitter acting perfectly and asleep like little cherubs when we get home? Not our lives. Definitely not our lives.

I just realized that this is one of those “Life is Sweet” moments. For all of the not listening, fighting, outside voices in a restaurant and ensuing chaos, Life is Sweet. Among other things.

I wouldn't have traded this night for anything.

Do you have moment where you have realized that “Life is Sweet?”

When you share a Milano Moment, you help the fight against breast cancer because for every Moment shared on Milano's Facebook Page in October, Pepperidge Farm will donate $.50 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

DISCLOSURE: Although this is a sponsored post, the story actually happened and the words are my own.

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  1. Victoria

    That is so well-written and so sweet! thanks for sharing this moment.

  2. Eve

    Congrats on your anniversary, yes I do realize life is so sweet on days when Im counting my blessings.

  3. Angie Appoo

    congrats, this year made 9 years for me and the hubby

  4. ellen

    Congrats on 10 years! yep, sometimes it is the smallest things that make it all wothwhile- and what we hold dear when comes the day we need to bite our tongues 😉

  5. Debra P

    Congrats on your anniversary! It’s this moment, this snapshot in time, that sometimes makes you realize how precious and sweet life is. Who wants normal or ordinary when you can have special and constantly surprising.

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