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What Are 5 Things That You Would Do With An Extra Hour?

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Frigidaire asks moms what are five things that they would do if they had an extra hour? I could probably think of at least 100 things. I have answered a few times on the site. Below I have highlighted several of my favorite answers:

Showing my kids more time as a cool mom instead of being the workaholic mom that they usually see

Write my husband a love note. He is so good to me and I don't think I appreciate him enough.

Write in a journal. These crazy, hectic, wonderful days pass so fast. I want to capture them in writing to help me remember our blessings.

I should probably sweep the floor of crushed up Cheerios, but instead I'll spend an hour painting my fingers and my toes!

Organize the living room instead of just pushing things into a closet and/or drawers to make the room look clean.

Prepare a fantastic meal…instead of eating “fast food” like mac & cheese and frozen veggies!

Tell my husband I love him one more time

Plan for some vacations.

I'd try to write in those 3 “baby books” that have gotten dusty before I forget the “firsts”!

I would strive to reflect on my daily attitudes and become a more loving and caring person so that I can impact others in great ways.

I would take more time with my children instead of rushing them out the door to the next activity.

What are 5 things that you do with an extra hour? Tell me or post them here.

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