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Fun Foods To Serve For Your Next Date Night


Fun Foods to Serve for Your Next Date Night


Fun Foods  To Serve for Your Next Date Night


Date nights are supposed to be fun and uncomplicated, but that doesn't mean that you should always choose the easy way out. If you're spending time with your sweetheart at home, don't worry about ordering food. Try making a fun foods recipe together that both of you will like. You can create something as simple or as fancy as you want, and you can both challenge yourselves with something new. These fun foods recipes will make date night fun and foster the feeling of romance in the air.


1. Lobster Bisque


Lobster bisque is a delicious recipe that can convey elegance and wealth, making it perfect for a special occasion with your partner. You can serve this soup as an entree or an appetizer to your main dish. Because lobster can be pricey, this soup is an excellent way to celebrate your date night in style. If you have some extra time, let the soup simmer. It's a great trick that will enhance the flavor of the soup once you're ready to eat it.


2. Easy Chicken Parmesan


This date night meal is easy to make and is something delicious that even the pickiest partner will enjoy. The recipe just calls for the simple breaded chicken, tomato sauce and cheese components, but you can always add in more. This chicken parmesan would go great atop a bed of pasta, or you could add some vegetables like spinach or onions into the dish for more flavor and a health boost. This recipe is pretty customizable, so you can always tailor it to your and your partner's tastes.


3. Steakhouse Sheet Pan


This recipe requires several ingredients, but it's a nice alternative to going out to eat. If you and your sweetheart want all of the romance of a steak dinner without any of the crowd, making this recipe at home is a great way to keep things intimate. This surf and turf meal includes both steak and shrimp, but you'll also have a hearty side of cheesy potatoes to share. Don't worry about dirtying up your dishes — you can eat this meal straight out of the sheet pan once it's cooled down enough.


4. Mini Cajun Chicken Pot Pies


This 40-minute recipe is a great way for you and your partner to customize your individual pot pies with all the ingredients you want. If you like onions, but your date doesn't, they don't have to put onions in their mini pot pie.


The recipe also yields six servings, meaning that you can either follow the recipe with smaller fractions or save your leftovers for the rest of the week, when you can eat them and remind yourself of the fun date night you and your partner had making them together.


5. Creamy Caviar Tagliatelle


This delicious entree captures the elegance of caviar, paired with a staple date night fun foods: Pasta. You and your sweetheart can make this recipe yourselves. Just find some tagliatelle pasta — but you might be able to substitute with egg noodles if you can't find this particular kind.


The sauce is what might take you the most time. It's a cream-based sauce, but it shouldn't be hard to replicate if you have the right ingredients of eggs and parmesan cheese. After that, just cook the pasta and put your caviar on top.


6. Pomegranate-Maple Glazed Lamb Chops


If you're looking to create a complex dish that will impress, your date will be delighted by these delicious lamb chops. You can eat these as an appetizer or an entree. By how many the recipe has you create, you might be better off enjoying them together as your main meal.


It's something new to a lot of people, and it has the perfect flair for an extravagant date at home. The best part is that this recipe will take you under an hour to make, so you still have plenty of date night left after you've started cooking.


7. Baked Pineapple Salmon


Are you feeling adventurous enough to try flavor combinations you never knew existed? The pineapple and salmon get to bake together in this tasty dish, so you can relish the taste of the fruit and fish together once you take a bite. You'll smother the salmon with sweet chili sauce and an array of other spices, so you're sure to taste a flavor explosion once you make this dish together with your partner.


8. Jacket Sweet Potatoes


These protein-packed sweet potatoes are great for a quick and easy dinner. At only 15 minutes, this recipe is hard to beat. Swapping regular potatoes for sweet potatoes increases the health value of this meal, and those who don't eat meat will be delighted by the spiced chickpeas in the dish. Feta cheese works great with this recipe. Make sure to season the potatoes according to your tastes — and don't forget to add in things you might think would add to the dish's overall flavor.


Try New Things Together


Some adventures with your special one can be had at home. When you have time to spend with one another, start cooking together. You'll be impressed at how many recipes you can master together, and you can get a better sense of what your partner likes to eat while tickling both your and their taste buds. Trying new things together is one of the most beautiful parts of a relationship, so try a brand-new Fun Foods dinner when you get the opportunity.



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