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Babywearing for Parents and Kids

Babybjorn Active Carrier in your choice of Color, a Children's Carrier from Baby So Smart, and a $25 GC to Target.

BabyBjörn is a family-owned, Swedish company founded in 1961. Right from the start, BabyBjörn’s goal has been to simplify everyday activities for parents and small children by developing innovative products for children up to the age of three. Our products are now used worldwide by millions of parents, and all of them have the same goal: happy, safe children. The enthusiastic reception our products have received from these families inspires us in our efforts to develop safe and attractive, high-quality products.

BabyBjörn is well known for it's high quality child carriers, but they also make a great travel bed as well as other products to make life a little easier for parents and kids: kids plates and utencils, smocks, and potty chairs.

Baby So Smart
Babywearing is a great way to bond with your baby for both your partner/hubby and for yourself. Created by a pediatric nurse, Baby So Smart is a company that specializes in the manufacture of high-end silk, brocade, and cashmere baby slings, and hip Mei Tai baby carriers. I am firmly of the belief that you can never have too many slings and carriers, and as such having at least one high end and luxe carrier is a must. In addition to making adult sized Mei Tais and ring slings, Baby So Smart also makes Mei Tais and slings for kids. Why? Because, kids like to pretend to be like their parents and “babywearing” their dolls or stuffed animals helps them not feel jealous of the child that is being worn.

$25 GC to Target from Underwriter Laboratories
My informative friends at UL (Underwriters Laboratories) contributed some great content with regards to safety when it comes to your family.

What's a person to do when faced with dual responsibilities to their young children and to their elderly parents? For the Sandwich Generation – so-called because they are sandwiched between caring for kids and seniors – the challenges are daunting, and sometimes confusing.

Childcare information is fruitful. But with baby boomers only starting to retire, the topic of elder care is relatively new. Meanwhile, the number of aging parents per worker 45 to 54 years old is expected to double by 2035 to 1.74 parents per worker, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicating that more and more adults will be assuming these dual caretaker roles.

“It's stressful,” said Theresa Freeze, who has five children and cares for her 83-year-old mother. “When you have a whole family like this, you really have to consider everyone's welfare. I need to keep the kids' toys out of my mom's way, and I have to be aware that someday my mom might wander into the kitchen and forget that she doesn't cook anymore and burn down the house.”

Fortunately, when it comes to safety, the most basic principles are applicable to everyone, regardless of age, nation or social standing.

“If you make your home safe for children, chances are you're making it safe for adults and the elderly, too,” said John Drengenberg, consumer affairs manager for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent safety testing organization. “In many cases, there's little cost or time involved, but the benefits – preventing injury or even death – are immeasurable.”

For example, the death rate from unintentional injuries in the home is approximately three times greater for older people than the younger population, according to estimates by the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC). Slips and falls are the main source of injury for older people in the home.

Falls also are one of the top three causes of injury sending millions of children to emergency rooms every year, CPSC reported. Preventative measures for both age groups are similar, and many steps are basic precaution. Certainly, a gate for the stairs can keep infants and toddlers from taking a spill, but eliminating cords stretched across walkways and purchasing only rugs with slip-resistant backing will benefit all ages.

How to Enter
Head over to BabyBjorn and look around, then leave a comment telling me what you like the best. Next, check out Baby So Smart and tell me what you covet. Finally leave a comment telling me a favorite child safety tip. You can leave a seperate comment for each part of the mandatory entry…so three in total.

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