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Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Travel Guide

When you travel for luxury, there is a certain level of expectation. Staying at a luxury villa is a much different experience than staying at a normal hotel. While your expectancy for the trip is for a high-end experience, your packing style needs to adjust. While you may be used to filling up suitcases with whatever will fit, it’s much more enjoyable if you pack and travel with luxury in mind. We hope that this Luxury Travel Guide post inspires you.
Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Travel Guide

Capsule Wardrobe

Think about the different things you’ll be doing on your trip and plan your looks around that. It helps to have a capsule wardrobe for traveling so you can bring less baggage. If you absolutely must have something, you can ship boxes ahead of your trip to some hotels. When you arrive, your packages will be placed in your room. If you’re heading to a beach or swimming location, your wardrobe should include a few key pieces, including a cover or light beach shawl. You’ll want something beautiful and sexy for dinners out, and something comfortable, yet fashionable for those shopping trips.


Luxury comes with accessories. You’ll need to think through your shoes and while you should limit your selections, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your favorites with you. Just a word to the wise, bring shoes on your luxury trip that are already broken in. You’ll want some sandals, comfortable but fashionable walking shoes, and even some sexy heels.


Most luxury destinations have high-end toiletries available for all their guests. However, if you have a skincare routine that you want to stay on top of, or you need specific products, pack your toiletries carefully. You’ll want to be sure to bring along your favorite makeup as well. A good toiletries bag will keep everything together and protected while you travel.

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High-End Bags

Cheap luggage just won’t do when you’re traveling for luxury. If you want every part of your experience to feel otherworldly, invest in travel luggage that is beautiful, stylish, and sturdy. There's something irresistibly charming about mini suitcases that exude style and elegance. Imagine a dainty luggage piece, packed with as much flair as its full-sized counterparts, gracefully accompanying you on your daily endeavors, weekend adventures, or glamorous getaways.

Designer tote bags make the perfect carry-on for a luxury trip. You don’t need a ton, but just one or two to carry with you on the trip will do. Good luggage has the added benefit of lasting longer than cheaply made gear. It should last you a long time and go on many adventures with you.

Book Your Meals in Advance

Once you’ve booked your hotel, make sure you call ahead to the restaurants you want to go to. Many of them will allow reservations and this will ensure you get the full luxury experience you desire. You can also plan to order some meals as room service.

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Schedule a Massage

Nothing says “luxury trip” like a massage. Before you leave, call to schedule a facial or massage. If you want to ensure you get one, it’s important to think ahead. Booking in advance guarantees you’ll get the full spa treatment you want.

Book a Photographer

Want photos of your luxury experience that would make the best Instagrammer drool? Hire a professional photographer for your trip. Whether you are taking family photos, glamorous headshots, or couple’s photos, a professional photographer is a worthwhile investment. They will help you capture the feeling you get when you go on a glamorous trip. Photographers love taking pictures of happy and relaxed people and if you’re on vacation, you’re likely both.

Look For Unique Destinations

Bali is known for its extravagant seaside hotels, but did you know that it’s quite affordable once you get there? Luxury resort hotel accommodations can go for as low as $15/night. The airfare is pretty hefty, but you can easily balance it out with a luxurious experience once you arrive. Think outside the box when you consider luxury hotels. You’ll want a balance of beauty, things to do, and excellent service. So, if you're planning to have an unforgettable vacation in Mykonos, there are luxury villas in Mykonos for rent you can book so you can enjoy what the island has to offer.

If you plan, you’re more likely to have a truly memorable luxury experience. From packing to finding hotels and making appointments, you can have a wonderful vacation. The entire process will be much more enjoyable if you know in advance what you want to do and you book these experiences and excursions before you arrive at your destination. This will ensure you make the most out of your time without the stress of wondering if you can get it.

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